eShore partners with ICT Americas to encourage women in IT

Polly Pickering, managing director of eShore, attended the ICT Americas second annual regional conference in San Jose, Costa Rica, from April 3-5. eShore was one of six Caribbean and Latin American companies that joined the inaugural ‘ICTA Women in Technology Council’, sponsored by WIT International at ICTA Costa Rica.

Moderator and council founder Gilda Alvarez said, to overcome the adversities women in technology face due to a cultural bias, they need a hand to provide better opportunities in the industry.

“Diversity is getting invited to the party, inclusion is asking us to dance,” she said.

Camilla Gusasti Nugent, who spoke on behalf of eShore in front of the 98% male audience, said, “We weren’t only telling a story, we were enabling men to take part in the cultural shift taking place. And they could see what an important role they can have in mentoring and sponsoring women to grow with them.”

WIT International and the Women in IT Council have been invited to attend the Oct. 2 Armour Expo main event in Nassau Bahamas and the Oct. 2-4 event planned in the Cayman Islands.