Clayburn Willie Ebanks was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment on Friday for two knife offences. Ebanks was sentenced to five years for wounding with intent and to a consecutive two-year sentence for simple wounding for two incidents that date back to 2017.

He was convicted by a jury of wounding with intent in September for an incident that occurred in March 2017 and convicted of simple wounding in October after a judge alone trial. Ebanks was found not guilty on a second charge of wounding with intent attached to the second incident.

Justice Frank Williams, who had presided over the first matter, sentenced Ebanks for both incidents.

Justice Williams said in court on Friday that the first event was on the borderline between a Category 2 and a Category 3 offence, and he sentenced Ebanks to five years for that crime.

The second incident, which was captured on CCTV, involved a dispute between Ebanks and his older brother.

Ebanks acknowledged inflicting the injuries upon his brother but claimed they occurred in self-defence. Ebanks was convicted by Justice Roger Chapple for that offence following a judge-alone trial.

During his delivery of the verdict, Justice Chappel said he was unable to dismiss the possibility that the complainant was the initial aggressor.

Justice Williams noted Friday that both incidents involved knife offences, and he said that the defendant’s response seemed out of proportion to the event that occasioned it. Justice Williams also said that Ebanks committed the second offense while he was on bail for the first event.

Justice Williams said Ebanks will be given credit for 204 days of time served in custody.