Caribbean Utilities Company held its third annual Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair at Camana Bay’s Arts and Recreation Centre on Saturday.

It was a chance for the community to learn how to save on energy, gain efficiency upgrades to their homes, and to lower their energy bills.

CUC President and CEO Richard Hew said 2019 has been designated the “Year of the Customer”.

He said Saturday’s forum served to educate customers on how to use electricity more efficiently, understand what appliances use lots of electricity, and how to conserve energy.

“If you are not aware of how to use it properly, you can waste it and you pay for that, and the world pays for it in terms of impact and global warming,” Hew said.

“We want to be sure to help our customers use that electricity wisely so they can derive the same amount of value and quality of life out of fewer kilowatt-hours or less electricity … that’s what energy efficiency is all about.”

He pointed out some simple ways of doing this, including monitoring air-conditioning usage, having proper insulation on the roof and walls, installing high-efficiency windows and not heating more water than is necessary.

Flow, Affordable Solar, CIBC First Caribbean and Foam Pros were among the companies that participated in the fair.

Volunteers who had taken part in the Chamber of Commerce’s Earth Day Clean-Up also stopped by the fair, outside which the post-Clean-Up breakfast was served.

The event also featured retailers that specialise in air conditioning, home insulation, lighting, energy-efficient appliances, residential-window tinting and electric vehicles.

CUC customer representatives Ellstine Mitchell and Elizabeth Whittaker show off CUC payment locations. – Photos: Jewel Levy
FLOW representatives give promotions to Sophia Barnes, left, and Suzan Mascarenhas.

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