New housing project approved in George Town

A new housing development on the edge of George Town has been given the green light by the Central Planning Authority.

Pro Plus Construction was granted permission for a development involving 32 new town houses, a covered parking area and swimming pool on Old Crewe Road. The planned development also includes 33 raw land strata lots.

An existing apartment building will be demolished to make way for the new homes, according to papers submitted to the CPA.

The developer was granted a variance to normal planning regulations to increase the number of bedrooms allowed on a site of that size.

In its application to the CPA, the developer argued that there were multiple examples of other developments in the same neighbourhood that also exceeded the maximum bedroom density.

They argued that the unusual terrain of the site limited its development potential.

“A large portion of the property is covered by an existing lake, and majority of the site is already allotted for the townhomes and parking requirement of the development.”

There were letters of objection from two neighbouring landowners who claimed the high density of the development would impact their property values.

“This increase [in density] could make the neighborhood less desirable, therefore leading to lower rents and home prices,” one objector wrote.

The CPA considered arguments from both sides at its meeting last week and approved the development.