Swimmers hit the water at Lions Sprint Meet

Young swimmers from Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac took part in the annual Lions Sprint Meet at the Lions Aquatic Centre last weekend.

The meet hosted athletes from teams in Grand Cayman, a team from the Brac, special Olympians, those just finishing learn-to-swim, as well as top athletes.

Swimmers from Stingray Swim Club, Camana Bay Aquatic Club, Seven Mile Swimmers, Darren Mew Sports & Fitness, Cayman Sporty Kidz Team and the Brac Barracudas competed in the fast-paced sprint meet on Saturday in the 100-metre individual medley and 50m and 25m sprints.

Lion Michael Havlin, chairman of the Swim Committee, speaking on behalf of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, said, “The Lions Sprint Meet is an important part of the annual activities schedule devoted to the youth of the Cayman Islands, and it comes immediately after a successful meet at the new 25-metre pool on Cayman Brac. The Brac Barracudas joined the swim community in Grand Cayman for the meet, providing spectators with a competitive and entertaining event.”

Havlin said the Lions Club was working closely with the Cayman Islands Aquatic Sports Association to build a new aquatic centre with a 50-metre pool.

“We would like to thank the whole community, especially all the volunteers, for coming out to keep this meet as an important part of the calendar,” he said.

Stingray’s Head Coach David Pursley said the Lions meet “is a very unique experience in that it is a complete community event that allows free participation for everyone”.

The overall club standings were as follows: Stingray Swim Club in first place with 323 points, Camana Bay Aquatic Club with 312 points, and Seven Mile Swimmers with 137.

High points honours were won by: Teagan Marr of Camana Bay Aquatic Club in Girls 6 and under age category; Tessa Danter of Camana Bay Aquatic Club in Girls 7-8 age category; Sierrah Broadbelt of Seven Mile Swimmers in 9-10 category; Lila Higgo of Camana Bay Aquatic Club in 11-12 category; Kyra Rabess of Stingray Swim Club in 13-14 category; and Alison Jackson of Stingray Swim Club in the 15 and over age category.

The high points honours for boys went to: Zaiden Rankin of Camana Bay Aquatic Club in Boys 6 and under; Chase Watson of Stingray Swim Club in the 7-8 category; Jack Clark-Terrell of Stingray Swim Club in 9-10 category; Connor Macdonald of Camana Bay Aquatic Club in the 11-12 category; Stefano Bonati of Camana Bay Aquatic Club in the 13-14 category; and Liam Henry of Stingray Swim Club in the 15 and over category.

“This meet was fun, but it was something more important for our swimmers,” said Coach Pursley. “Our senior swimmers buddied up with younger swimmers, supporting them with navigating the meet, making their races on time and encouraging and supporting them after their races. It provided the younger swimmers with support and encouragement; while the older swimmers developed leadership and mentoring skills with the club’s younger swimmers. Each swimmer grows individually – and the club grows as a team.”