The YMCA’s 53-foot-high ropes course has been put to good use since it was inaugurated in April 2018.

The ‘Alpine Tower’, located at George Town’s Field of Dreams, has attracted school, work and recreational groups.

But the challenge course was missing one thing: some shade. Physical activity under Cayman’s scorching sun can be taxing and the heat made it difficult to get full use of the facility, according to YMCA staff.

To address that barrier, community partners stepped up to construct a pavilion next the ropes challenge course.

The Butterfield Pavilion was inaugurated Wednesday morning – just in time for the Y’s summer camps.

“This pavilion is going to benefit lots of people. It immediately supports our challenge course, where kids all the way up to adults participate in team building programmes, confidence building, social skills building, problem-solving skills, conflict resolution,” said Gregory Smith, CEO of YMCA of the Cayman Islands.

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited Managing Director Michael McWatt said the collaboration with YMCA on building the pavilion was a perfect partnership that brought together youth, education and sports.

One of the programmes that will benefit from the pavilion this summer will be the YMCA’s Teen Challenge Camp, focussed on building leadership skills and promoting physical activity.

Registration for the YMCA’s summer camps opened this week. Camps run the entire eight weeks of summer break from 2 July to 23 Aug. In addition to the Field of Dreams, campers will also use the Camana Bay Sports Complex, and the Youth Centre at Savannah’s Cayman Islands Baptist Church.

Kids will be able to chose from six camp options offering diverse activities from sports to cooking to science. For the first time this year, there will be a STEM-oriented camp that includes science experiments, drones and LEGO engineering.

“We want to provide options for kids with a variety of interests,” said Jenny Stuesser, who runs the camps programme.

“We have students from all schools and all districts. We sometimes have international participants who are visiting the island who join as well. So we definitely offer something for everyone. I think that what makes the programme really unique is the chance for kids to really connect to their peers.”

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