The Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing issued a clarification that visitors to the Cayman Islands are no longer required to pay $16 for a permit in order to drive legally on Cayman’s roads.

According to a DVDL news release, “It has come to the attention of the DVDL that some insurance companies suggest the visitor must obtain a Visitor Permit, before they are legally covered by insurance.”

The local Traffic Law states that “persons from countries stated under the Geneva Convention are allowed to drive in other listed countries, on a current valid foreign driver’s licence of the same vehicle group. That is: a visitor to the Cayman Islands can drive on their foreign licence without purchasing a separate permit, as long as their licence is valid and they are qualified to drive the same vehicle type at home,” according to the DVDL.

“Visitors who do not have a domestic licence from a Convention country – or an international driver’s permit – must pass a written and road test before they are allowed to drive in the Islands.”

The DVDL also said that Cayman’s Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Law “does not require persons to have a Cayman Islands’ driver’s licence, in order to qualify for insurance coverage, since there is no requirement by Law for a visitor permit to be issued, in order to drive”.