The Centre for Theological Leadership Training held its second annual commencement exercise at the Church of God of Prophecy, Victory Tabernacle, on 23 June.

Twenty-eight students graduated with diplomas and 13 with certificates from the education programme which offers non-denominational leadership training in Christian ministry work.

“Our students have shown much interest and enthusiasm to study the scriptures and the related subjects. They applied themselves with single-minded devotion,” said the training centre’s director, the Rt. Reverend P.J. Lawrence, who started CTLT in September 2017 with the certificate programme.

Vernon Webb, delivering the valedictorian address with Debreca Rollins, said when he first started the programme, he was unsure of what to expect but, as the classes commenced and one semester followed the other, he became more inquisitive concerning the relevant theories surrounding the study of theology.

He said he realised that CTLT offers the opportunity to discover various aspects of the history of God’s people through to modern times, and how that affects people both individually and collectively.

“We were effectively then provided with the necessary insights on how to combat the challenges … which we face from day to day in our attempts to accomplish the will of God. This task is to proclaim Jesus Christ and to promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace,” he said.

Webb explained that CTLT offers this experience in a holistic environment where participants are encouraged to explore the various topics of theology with determination and perseverance, while injecting some humour in the classroom experience.

Rollins said CTLT had enabled its participants “to step outside our comfort zone, to open our minds and view things in ways we never thought about before. It has forced us to challenge ourselves to be more than we thought we could be”.