During the last two weeks of June, the RCIPS Air Operations Unit conducted six medical evacuations to Grand Cayman from the Sister Islands using the new police helicopter. These included two on 17 June, and four during the following week of 24 to 30 June, according to a news release from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

On Monday, 17 June, the helicopter transferred a heart patient from Cayman Brac to Health City Cayman Islands. Later that same evening, a woman in premature labour was transported from Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman, and then to the Cayman Islands Hospital via ambulance, after it was determined that the child would be in need of critical care once born.

The following week, medical evacuations were conducted on Monday, 24 June; Tuesday, 25 June; Thursday, 27 June; and Saturday, 29 June. One of those evacuations was from Little Cayman, while the others were from Cayman Brac.

Two of the evacuations occurred following diving-related incidents, and another followed a motor-vehicle collision, while the fourth was of a critically ill patient who had lost consciousness.

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