‘Surf and Turf’ a hit on Cayman Brac

Adrenaline junkies took over Cayman Brac Saturday for the annual ‘surf and turf’ jet-ski and bike event.

Nearly every hotel bed and every Airbnb property on the island was snapped up for the event, according to organiser Chris Bodden.

“It was a huge success. The Brac was entirely packed,” he said.

There were nine jet-ski racers, including international rider Dennis Mack, taking part in a series of races and around 30 bikers involved in a ride-out.

Bodden said the event had provided a tourism boost for the Brac and a great chance for motorsports enthusiasts to show their skills.

He said the event was getting bigger and bigger each year and the presence of a pro rider like Mack had helped boost international interest.

Bodden, the president of the Cayman Islands Watercraft Association, is hoping to help revive jet-ski racing in the Cayman Islands over the next year.

He said he was in talks with a major race series about bringing an international race to Seven Mile Beach.

He also hopes to have an established calendar in place for a full series of jet-ski races next year.