As a consistent traveller to the Caymans for more than 20 years, I have been exposed to some terrible policies concerning what is allowed in carry-on luggage, but today’s experience certainly takes the cake.

I found it incredibly disheartening that a one pound dive weight was pulled out of my bag, and I was told that such an item is not allowed on carry-on because it could be used as a weapon. The is absurd on its face to anyone who is capable of coherent thought.

Going by this logic, a cellphone is just as dangerous, as is loose change, as it could be gathered into a sock and turned into a weapon, along with pretty much anything that is not clothes.

At what point does common sense enter the picture for screeners? Why are we subjected to such inane and capricious actions?

Susan Jaques

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  1. Why would anyone want to carry dive weights on vacation to begin with?? Much less in a carry on bag. Geez. I work for a dive company and people traveling to dive in places like Cayman and bringing their own weight is a constant source of humour for us. At least this letter was worth a chuckle for the morning.

    • True Jonathan. But that wasn’t his question.

      Different airports and different people have varying ideas on what is dangerous. Some varying into battiness.

      For example I frequently carry plastic zip-ties so I can secure a suitcase against casual thieves but not provide the nosy USA authorities with something to bust off.

      A Canadian security official took them from me once on the grounds that I could use them to “handcuff ” a flight attendant.

      Then there’s the Action Man figure with the 2 inch long plastic gun that was supposedly considered to be an imitation firearm by some USA security jobsworth.