André Ebanks

André Ebanks will soon become the most senior Cayman Islands official in the United Kingdom.

Ebanks has been named the new Cayman Islands representative to the United Kingdom and Europe for the Ministry of International Trade, Investment, Aviation and Maritime Affairs. He will be based in the Cayman Islands government’s office in London.

Ebanks, currently the deputy chief officer in the Ministry of Community Affairs, will replace Eric Bush in the position, effective 2 Sept.

One of Ebanks’ first engagements in the position will be to attend the Labour and Conservative party conferences in September at a critical time.

“In view of Brexit, the UK faces its most complex and polarising political crisis since the Second World War,” Ebanks said in a press statement.

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“It will be critical for the Cayman Islands to monitor matters closely to determine how best to position itself in a post-Brexit world. Therefore, an immediate priority will be to assist Cayman [to] map its strategic objectives in this potentially new global landscape. Brexit provides an opportunity to not only recreate our relationship with the UK as part of a revitalised Global Britain, but with the rest of the world.”

Ebanks’ job will be to promote the interests of the Cayman Islands government and Caymanian people in the UK and Europe. He will provide consular services to Caymanians and assist Cayman Islands government activities relating to economic, political and socio-cultural matters.

“Furthermore, Mr. Ebanks’ office will collect/distribute data; foster and strengthen strategic links; promote and facilitate inward investment as well as representing the Cayman Islands in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association, the EU Overseas Countries and Territories Association, and at other official/ceremonial events,” a ministry press release said.

Ebanks received praise from top Cayman Islands officials following the announcement.

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson said he was delighted that such a dynamic candidate would build on progress made by his predecessor, Bush.

Bush has now returned to Cayman as chief officer for the ministry.

Premier Alden McLaughlin reflected on the vital role the position plays in supporting ties with the UK and Europe.

“I have every confidence that André will do an excellent job in his secondment and continue to build on the excellent work done by Eric Bush over the last 3 years,” McLaughlin said.

“As the UK continues to wrestle with the issues presented by Brexit and as we continue ourselves to deal with the complexities and challenges to our Financial Services industry as a result of initiatives largely driven by the European Union, it is vital we have a capable and willing Caymanian on the ground to represent our Islands. I believe André will ably fulfil this role on our behalf.”

In supporting positions to Ebanks will be Deputy Representative Charles Parchment, two assistant representatives and a business manager.

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