Alert over fake police complaints email

Several suspicious emails received by residents

An email purporting to be from a police complaints unit alerting residents to a supposed complaint against them, is a scam, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Several residents have reported receiving suspicious emails from what appears to be an official RCIPS email address.

One such message, forwarded to the Cayman Compass, states, “There is an important report against you. Please check for review before you take legal advice.”

The message includes an attachment to a document described as an ‘open case file’.

Anyone receiving a message of that kind is advised to ignore it and not to open the file.

The message is sent in the name of Lason Bodden from the email address [email protected]

Police confirmed no one by that name works for the police, and that is not an official police email address.

“The RCIPS would like to alert the public that someone has been accepting complaints from the public and corresponding with members of the public regarding police matters using the email address [email protected],” police said in a statement.

“This email address is false. The RCIPS does not currently have an employee by the name of Lason Bodden and this email address does not exist in our official directories.

“If you receive any correspondence from this email address, we advise that you do not respond or click on any links that you may receive, but instead report the matter to the police immediately.”

Graham Walker, a driving instructor in Cayman, was one of the people impacted. He said his wife had received the emailed message on Wednesday and had been very distressed by it.

Walker said he was used to seeing the odd scam email in his inbox, but had not expected to receive one from what appeared to be a genuine police email address.

“As far as I am concerned, if you are on email pretending to be a police officer, that’s no different than putting on a uniform and going out on the street pretending to be a policeman. It is disgusting,” he said.

Genuine complaints against police officers must be sent to the Professional Standards Unit, located on Windjammer Plaza, Walkers Road, or through the Ombudsman Office located on Anderson Square, George Town.