Royal visit cost Cayman more than $300,000

Largest cost incurred by police service

Prince Charles and Camilla walk through Owen Roberts International Airport after their arrival in Grand Cayman on 27 March. - Photo: Stephen Clarke

Prince Charles and Camilla’s 29‑hour visit to the Cayman Islands in March cost the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service $132,148.58 in overtime expenses.

Between spending by the Governor’s Office, Cabinet and police, the visit cost the Cayman Islands government a total of $335,152.84. More than half of the spending, $192,680.48, was incurred by the police service.

Charles and Camilla’s 11‑day trip to the Caribbean previously came under scrutiny for its cost to British taxpayers. The UK government revealed in June that the Caribbean trip cumulatively cost £416,576, equivalent to around $420,000.

Other locations visited on their trip included St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados and Cuba. Travel costs released by the UK government were not broken down by individual island.

The Caribbean trip was the most expensive for the UK public in a long list of royal trips between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019 that cost a total of £2.75 million, or approximately $2.8 million.

Among the expenses incurred by the Cayman Islands Cabinet office during the royal visit were $48,732.81 on entertainment, $34,787.76 on reception, and $25,159.83 on food and drink. Overall, Cabinet spent $138,669.42 on the royal visitors.

Other costs taken on by the police included $21,474.03 on official travel, $11,830 on building maintenance, $7,586.66 on dietary supplements and $6,851.16 on aircraft maintenance.

Prince Charles and Camilla’s whirlwind tour of the Cayman Islands ended with a reception at Pedro St. James. – Photo: Taneos Ramsay

The Governor’s Office spent $3,802.94 on the visit. Those costs included $875 on flowers, $892.79 on food for the royals and their entourage, and $790.05 on refreshments, catered by Lighthouse Restaurant, for a financial services meeting with the prince at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

Government House also installed a dedicated landline for the royals for $167.

That landline has now been removed. Bed linens costing $386 are still in use at Government House.

The costs of the royal trip were disclosed through three Freedom of Information requests submitted to the Cabinet Office, the Governor’s Office and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service by the Cayman Compass.

Government officials requested that requests regarding the royal visit be handled separately by each department, so it is not clear if additional expenses were incurred by other government divisions. The Portfolio of the Civil Service responded that it was not involved in the royal visit and therefore did not have costs to declare.

The royal trip to Cayman included stops on all three islands. Events included a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the partially remodelled Owen Roberts International Airport, travel by Prince Charles to both Sister Islands, visits by the duchess to schools and charities in Grand Cayman, and a farewell reception at Pedro St. James.

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  1. And pray tell where is Cayman getting the money for the Royal visit. Let them stay home, or pay us back. The Queen should cough up the $$$$$. The very nerve. In the future, let the royals bring their check book. Cayman, stop being so magnanimous, when some of of our population is without.