Deadline for January voters list ends

Elections Office sees increase in voter registration

Eligible voters headed to the Elections Office Tuesday in a bid to beat the 1 Oct. deadline to get on the January electors list.

It was the last day for voters to register to be added to the official electors list to be eligible to vote in the cruise berthing referendum if the vote is held in January.

Those voters will not be able to vote if the referendum is called before year’s end.

As of 1 Oct., a total of 21,217 individuals were registered and are now able to vote in the Cayman Islands. That list became official on Tuesday. Voters on that list will be able to cast their ballot in the referendum if it called by on or before December.

First-time voter Kacey Glidden, of Prospect, said she was not going to let her chance to be part of the historic vote on government’s $200 million cruise berthing project pass her by.

“I became a Caymanian a year ago and I have decided that this is what I need to do to help this country. The referendum vote is exciting and that is main reason I came today to try to get into for the referendum vote. It will be very exciting,” Glidden said.

The feeling was the same for May Douglas.

“I registered today so I can make for the referendum vote. It is important to register so you can have your vote heard in the Cayman Islands,” said Douglas.

Elections Office manager Gina Whittaker said her team has seen an increase in voters coming into register since last week.

She said preliminary numbers have shown that, as of Tuesday morning, 125 people had signed up overall to get on the January list. The office stayed open later than usual, until 9pm, on Tuesday evening to facilitate late-registering voters.

“[Monday] was a really pretty busy day,” Whittaker said, a trend which continued throughout Tuesday.

Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell said he was pleased to see voters coming out to get signed up.

“We have seen more people than normal,” he said.

Youth vote matters

First-time voter Junzan Minzett proudly displayed her voter card Tuesday as she stressed the need for young people to have a voice in decisions that impact the Cayman Islands.

“As a young Caymanian, I believe it is very important that we as individuals have to be involved in the voting process. We need to make sure we are aware of what goes on in our community and to have a voice for ourselves to say that ‘Oh, we know that this is going on and this also needs to be done,’” she said.

Minzett said young Caymanians also need to encourage each other to register to vote.

“And when the election time comes up, we come out and actually vote,” she said.

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