Solutions offered for traffic woes

Infrastructure Minister Joey Hew, at a meeting last week in Bodden Town, outlined a number of short- and long-term solutions being considered to combat the growing traffic problems encountered by motorists from the eastern districts.

The minister did not provide a timeline for when all the changes would be made and some are already in effect. The proposed solutions include:

Short term

Government will pay for off-duty police officers to carry out traffic-management operations at the Prospect, CTMH and Poindexter Road roundabouts.

The timing of street signals has also been adjusted as the lights at the intersection of Smith Road and Bobby Thompson Way as well as the intersection of Shedden Road and North Sound Road were not in sync. That was an issue spotted from the police helicopter.

Westbound traffic on Shamrock Road will be restricted from turning left onto Old Prospect Road. Only local access will be allowed.

A merge lane is planned for traffic on the Red Bay roundabout to access westbound Shamrock Road. Space exists in the area to open a third lane, which will coincide with opening a third lane on the inside of that same roundabout to allow a free flow from Prospect onto the inside lane, which will then take drivers to westbound Shamrock Road.

The idea of reversing the flow of traffic on Shamrock Road near Red Bay Primary to accommodate traffic from Prospect Drive and Marina Drive has also been proposed. Presently, there are two eastbound lanes that stop at Marina Drive. This proposal would include three lanes all the way through, but two lanes would be coming east to west rather than west to east.

Long term

Placing traffic signals at several roundabouts similar to what was done on South Sound Road near the Grand Harbour roundabout. The roundabouts being examined include those at Red Bay and CTMH, along with additions at Grand Harbour.

A lane at the roundabout of Bobby Thompson Way and the Linford Pierson Highway that would allow traffic to head toward Smith Road while a separate lane would be used for traffic turning onto the Linford Pierson Highway.

Adding extra lanes on Bobby Thompson Way temporarily until the second phase of the Linford Pierson Highway is completed.

Building a third lane on Shamrock Road and Crewe Road stretching from the CTMH roundabout to the roundabout at Crewe Road and the Linford Pierson Highway.

Adding a second lane on Rex Crighton Boulevard, from the CTMH roundabout to the Poindexter Road roundabout.

Creating a left turn lane on Bobby Thompson Way for traffic going to Cayman Prep.

Even longer term

The East-West Arterial extension from Newlands to Lookout Gardens.

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  1. The only solutions proposed in this article are regarding the roads… How about a proper public transportation system? It certainly should be contemplated in the long term plans to address this issue! There should also be a restriction on importing vehicle that are ten years and older.