The Grand Court building in downtown George Town.

Axel Dominguez-Ocampo was sentenced to three years in prison on charges relating to cocaine and ecstasy possession.

Axel Dominguez-Ocampo

Dominguez-Ocampo, 24, pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to supply, as well as possession of cocaine, criminal property and MDMA (ecstasy), and other minor drug-related offences.

The charges arose following a search conducted at his West Bay residence in February. Police found 11 grams of cocaine in multiple bags inside a small ‘man bag’, along with a wallet containing the defendant’s driver’s licence. Police also recovered a portion of ecstasy, as well as CI$946 and US$140.

During a sentencing hearing on Wednesday, the court was told Dominguez-Ocampo made a foolish mistake after finding himself in debt.

“Mr. Dominguez-Ocampo is not a hardened career criminal. At 24 years old, he is a man of previous good character,” his lawyer Gregory Burke said. “He sold the drugs after finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. This was at a time when he became indebted to his extended family.”

Burke told the court that Dominguez-Ocampo sold the drugs over a period of seven weeks.

Magistrate Grace Donald’s imposed a sentence of three years for possession of cocaine with intent to supply. Shorter sentences were imposed for the other drug charges, to run concurrent to the three-year sentence.

Dominguez-Ocampo was remanded into custody. The money was forfeited to the Crown and the drugs ordered to be destroyed.