No place for a wall

Critics of the newly erected wall along Seven Mile Public Beach made their feelings known by spray-painting 'Tear down this wall' along it. – Photo: Taneos Ramsay
The erection of a Berlin-type wall along the Seven Mile Public Beach corridor is but one more instance of the marginalisation and exclusion of Caymanians. This wall, in my opinion, is a clear manifestation of those who contribute to what I refer to in my writings as the “duality” (us and them) in Caymanian society.
I am reminded once more of the prescience of Andrew Morris Gerrard, commissioner (governor) of these islands from 1953 to 1957 when he warned us “not to sell our birthright (the land) for a mess of pottage”.
The comments on social media and the recent graffiti on this wall should serve to inform us that this wall is anathema to what decent Caymanians stand for.
I must record, however, that I do not expect such objections to bring any change from what is already done. The position of ordinary Caymanians of all categories have been sacrificed to greed, corruption and nepotism and bling.
Those seeking to understand what is happening in the 21st century Cayman Islands need look no further, for this wall speaks with an obscene eloquence.
J.A. Roy Bodden

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  1. Speaking of walls, the wall in front of Plantation Village has caused all the sand to disappear. They have put a gate on their stairs and locked it. I lost my headphones to the waves this week. Maybe the government will finally do something to protect the sand on SMB.

  2. I agree whole heartedly with Roy Bodden’s comments . I would add on a different tac the fact that by erecting such a wall there is the added complication of an even more horrific accident happening, than has happened in the past when vehicles travelling at too great a speed missed the bend.
    This particular bend in the road is a dangerous one and should never have been allowed. But now that it has and now that a concrete wall has been erected the driver of a vehicle is more than likely to receive even worse physical damages than might otherwise have occurred.