New blue Cayman passport goes ‘green’

Cayman’s British Overseas Territories passports are getting a new look, in the wake of the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Governor Martyn Roper told the Cayman Compass in an email, “On leaving the European Union, we will return to the blue passport design we had before joining. This is the same for both the United Kingdom passports and British Overseas Territory passports.”

Like British passports, the BOT documents were changed from blue to burgundy when the UK joined the European Union. But this month, blue British passports are again being rolled out, for the first time in more than 30 years.

The blue passports were originally introduced in 1921 and phased out from 1988, when members of the then European Economic Community agreed to harmonise designs.

The governor also pointed to the sustainability of the new documents.

“The blue passport will be the most environmentally friendly British passport ever made. The carbon footprint produced through manufacture will be reduced to net zero and this will be achieved via schemes such as planting trees,” Roper said.

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  1. Not that the colour matters but I distinctly remember that Cayman passports of the UK’s pre-EU era were black. I still have my old passports from the 1960s and 1970s when I was a pre-teen and teen respectively and they are still black. So are the old passports of my dear departed parents from decades earlier. I can’t speak as to what colour UK passports of the era were.

    Governor Roper, while we may turn blue waiting on Government actions on some critical matters, such as the dump, there’s little chance of that happening with the old, very black, Cayman passports.