Don’t dine out – order in!

Many restaurants are offering takeout/delivery services

Let Cayman's popular eateries bring the goods to you.

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As of 11:59pm last Sunday, Cayman’s restaurants closed their doors to dine-in customers for an initial two weeks, in accordance with government restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Fans of local eateries need not despair, however. Many restaurants are using one of the food delivery services on the island, or are delivering themselves.
If you’re looking to support local restaurants during this trying time, here are some to choose from. (Pick-up times only applicable once the 24-hour curfew is lifted.)

Agua is offering takeout and free delivery, with 20% off all lunch and dinner items. Lunch is available from 11am-4pm, and dinner is available from 4pm. Visit for the available menus and call 949-2482 to place your order.

Alfresco will be offering deliveries to customers who have placed an order over $25 from West Bay to George Town. Call 947-2525 for information or to place an order,
and view the menu on

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Al La Kebab
Al La Kebab at Marquee Plaza will be open daily from 11am-6:30pm, while the Purple Monster in Red Bay will be open daily from 11am-6pm. For Marquee Plaza pick-up, call 943-4343 or download the Bento App. For Red Bay pick-up, call 925-9669. The menu can be found on For delivery, call or order online via Fine Dine-in or Island Grub.

Arbutus Galley
Takeout or delivery available. Free to the George Town area or for orders over $25. There is a $2 fee for orders under $25 outside of George Town. Call 943-1100,
943-1300 or 927-8239 to order. Visit its Facebook page for menus.

Blue Cilantro
Open for takeout and free delivery between Foster’s Republix and South Sound. Open for lunch from 11:30am-2pm, with a minimum order of $18, and for dinner from 6pm, with a minimum order of $28. Call 945-4372 and visit for menu details.

Bluestone Lane
Bluestone Lane is offering pickup or delivery, Mon.-Fri. 8am-4pm, and Sat.-Sun. 9am-2:30pm. Call 746-2555 to order.

The Brasserie outlets remain open at this time. Takeout and delivery menus are available from, as well as the Brasserie Purveyors takeout and delivery options for beers, wines and spirits. Customers can order items from more than one outlet. Home or office delivery within the George Town and South Sound areas is free with a minimum spend of $50 or curbside pick-up is also available. The Market is open Monday to Friday, 7am-7:30pm, with dinner takeout from 4-7pm. The Caboose is open 11am-5pm, and [email protected] Wicket is open 7am-2pm. To order, call or email Market/Brasserie at 945-1815/945-1814 or [email protected]. Contact Caboose at 945-1816 or [email protected]. Contact [email protected] Wicket on 927-6419.

Bread and Chocolate
Bread and Chocolate has expanded its delivery service to be available seven days a week. Delivery is free between The Kimpton and Grand Harbour, and island-wide delivery is available but may incur an extra charge if outside of its local area. Delivery service is available Mon.-Fri., 8am-3pm and 5:30-8pm; and Sat.-Sun. 8am-2pm. Bread and Chocolate’s full menu is available and can be viewed at Mobile payment capabilities are available but payment over the phone is preferred. Call 945-3586 or 946-6239 to place an order. Takeaway and curbside pick-up is also available.

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts is operating Mon.-Fri. from 7am-3pm offering takeout and delivery. Its menu can be found on and on its Facebook and Instagram pages. If customers have signed up for a meal plan then delivery is free, otherwise West Bay to Prospect costs $1.50 for delivery and Prospect to Savannah costs $4. Customers can sign up for meal plans, which include breakfast and lunch delivered to their homes. Brussels Sprouts will also soon be offering family-style meals for four people costing $50. Call 769-4027.

Chicken Chicken
Chicken Chicken has its full menu available for takeout, pick-up and delivery, and is using Fine Dine-in as well as its own delivery drivers. All menus are online at, and are available from both the West Shore Center and Savannah locations. Call 945-2290 for West Shore, 623-2290 for Savannah, or contact Fine Dine-in.

Cimboco is offering its full menu for takeout, pick-up and delivery, and is using Fine Dine-in as well as its own delivery drivers. All menus are online at, and are available from both the Marquee Plaza and Savannah locations. Call 947-2782 for Marquee Plaza, 623-2782 Savannah, or contact Fine Dine-in.

Coconut Joe’s
Coconut Joe’s is offering takeaway services. Call 943-5637 to order and for more information.

Di Kit-Chin Jerk & Restaurant
Di Kit-Chin’s opening hours will now be 11am-7pm, Mon.-Sat., and it is offering pick-up for call-in orders, as well as free delivery for orders of five people or more between Countryside in Savannah and Camana Bay. There will be two delivery time slots, with drivers leaving the restaurant at 11am and 1pm. Call 929-8571 to place either pick-up or delivery orders. Visit its Facebook page for menu information.

Eats/Yoshi Sushi
Eats and Yoshi will be offering takeout services from their regular menus. Call Eats on 943-3287 or Yoshi on 943-9674, or use the new ordering tool Bento, which enables you to order online and be alerted when your food is ready to pick-up. See their menus at

Edoardo’s has takeout and delivery of its full menu at Delivery is free from South Sound to West Bay. Call the restaurant at 945-4408 to place an order. Open from 5pm.

Full of Beans
Full of Beans is open Mon.-Fri. from 8am-2pm, offering takeout and delivery.
For regular orders, call 943-2326. For large orders/catering, email [email protected]. For daily specials and menus visit

Gelato & Co
Gelato & Co is offering free delivery on orders over $20. Call to make your order at 324-4359.

Gino’s Pizzeria
Open for delivery from 11am-9pm daily. Call 623-7777 to order.

Good Mood Food
Good Mood Food, a food truck located on Canal Point Drive opposite The Strand, is now open daily from 11am-9pm. Visit for the menu. For pick-up call 926-5488, and for delivery, call Fine Dine-in or Island Grub.

Icoa is open for both pick-up and deliveries Monday to Sunday, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their menus are available to view at and the restaurant is open from 7am to 7pm. Customers may call 945-1915 or place their order online. Dinner orders may be placed early and will be ready for pick-up or delivery from 4-7pm.

Island Naturals
Island Naturals is open for takeout, curbside pick-up and free delivery. Delivery is available from West Bay to Prospect, and runs Mon.-Fri., 8am-7pm; Sat. 8am-6pm; and Sun. 8am-5pm. The last delivery order will be taken 30 minutes prior to closing. Order minimums for delivery are $15 in the Seven Mile Beach area, and $25 to all other areas. A 10% gratuity will be added to your bill. Visit the website at to view its menu and call 945-2252 to place your order, or WhatsApp the restaurant at 917-0782.

Island Taste
Island Taste will deliver lunches, snacks, baked breads and pastries, and also offers curbside pick-up using credit and debit card only. Call 946-6775/949-1480 or WhatsApp 916-8765.

Kaibo is offering takeout, curbside and dockside pick-up, every day from 7am-7pm. All ordering can be done online at, where you’ll find the menu with the items available from the ordering system. Takeout pizza starts daily at noon. Kaibo Espresso also has curbside or dockside pick-up. Order online, select curbside or dockside, and honk your boat or car horn or come in to grab-and-go. Pay at pick-up or call 947-9975 in advance. Pick-up includes gloved delivery to your car.

Latin Taste
Latin Taste will be open from 8am-5pm for pick-ups and for delivery to the George Town area from 9am-5pm. Call 947-2267 to place an order.

Le Vele
Le Vele is offering free delivery to George Town, South Sound, Seven Mile Beach, and West Bay for orders with a minimum of $50. Visit for menus.

Call or WhatsApp 326-1726 to place your delivery order. Delivery runs from Grand Harbour to West Bay. Order by noon for same day delivery. Orders received after noon will be delivered the next day between noon and 3pm. Minimum order of six gelato pops required.

Popo Jeb’s
Open for pick-up and delivery from 11am-6pm daily. Visit the Facebook page for Popo Jeb’s or call 947-0203.

Ragazzi is open for takeout from noon and is offering its full menu. Call the restaurant at 945-3484 to place an order for pick-up, or call Fine Dine-in to place a delivery order.

While Harbour Grille is temporarily closed, Salty’s at Grand Harbour is offering delivery and takeout of the pizza selection on the Harbour Grille menu from noon. Access the menu through Harbour Grille Restaurant’s Facebook page. Delivery from Savannah to South Sound is available direct through Salty’s at 333-1944 or customers can contact Fine Dine-in.

Saucha Conscious Living
Saucha delivers Mon.-Thurs. between West Bay and Grand Harbour, and runs a ‘far side’ delivery service to the Eastern districts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Orders must be placed by 9am for West Bay to Grand Harbour deliveries, and by 5pm the previous day for far side deliveries. Meal packages are available or single meals are $15. Visit or the Saucha Conscious Living Facebook page, or for more info
call 926-0508.

Seven Mile Burger
Seven Mile Burger will be open for pick-up, curbside delivery and a limited delivery route from Camana Bay to the Kimpton. Call 535-6453 for pick-up orders or 525-6353 for delivery. Minimum order of $25 with a $5 delivery fee and 15% added gratuity.

Singh’s Roti Shop
Open Mon.-Sat., 8am-3pm, for takeout and delivery service, with free delivery on orders above $25 in the George Town area from 11:30am-2pm. Order online at

Southern Spice
Southern Spice is offering delivery services and takeout and is open for lunch service from 11am-2:30pm and dinner from 5:30pm. Delivery direct from the restaurant is free for orders of $40 or over, or customers can use Fine Dine-in or Island Grub. Call the restaurant at 949-5550, or call Fine Dine-in or Island Grub.

Spanglish Bar and Grill
Spanglish Bar and Grill will be open from 11am-5pm for pick-ups and deliveries. Call 949-1507 for more information.

Thai Orchid
Thai Orchid is offering both pick-up and delivery options. Its menu can be viewed on For pick-up orders, call 949-7955, and for delivery, contact Fine Dine-in or Island Grub.

Tillie’s Grand Cayman
Tillie’s is offering takeaway and delivery services. The restaurant is open seven days a week, from 11am-8pm, and its menu is available on the Tillies Grand Cayman Facebook page. Call 949-3491 to order.

Treats is open for takeaway and deliveries from 7am-3pm every day. Call 945-4262 or
749-3100, or email [email protected]. Menus are found at

Vivo offers takeaway, curbside and delivery service. The restaurant is open Mon.-Fri. from 9am-3pm and 5-8pm, and Sat.-Sun. 9am-8pm. Call the restaurant at 749-8486
to order takeout, or use the Bento app. For delivery, call Island Grub. Menus are available at

Wok-n-Roll offers takeaway and delivery services. Visit its site at for menus, as well as a full delivery map listing delivery charges for certain areas.

XQ’s is offering takeaway and delivery with choices from a reduced menu. Visit the XQ’s Cayman Facebook page for weekly menus and call 947-9770 to order.

Food ordering and delivery services
Fine Dine-in: 623-3463
Island Grub: 923-7974
Bento app: download for iOs and Android
Let’s Eat app (Coming Soon): download for iOs and Android

| Please note: We are aware that we will be missing some restaurants and that information is constantly changing, so if you are open for business and not on the above list, or need your details updated, please email [email protected] with your information and we will add to/update this story online.

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