Defence attorneys should be considered essential

I am absolutely shocked when I still see groups of individuals still together, when I see individuals grouping for a barbecue, or all the cars on the road. Where are the cars all going?

I will now explain why I wrote in. Please can anybody explain as to why a criminal advocate/duty counsel is not an essential service? I am puzzled, for example, if an individual is in police custody and being interviewed, how is he/she to have an attorney there to give advice, if the attorney is not deemed to be essential? 

Oh dear, I understand that interviews are being conducted with no attorney being present. Let me think, is this lawful? Breach of a fundamental right, let’s not mention civil liberties. The police are essential, … prosecutors are essential but not the attorneys that defend, a most interesting situation!

On to a more positive note, may I thank his Hon. Dwayne Seymour; he is doing an excellent job, he is the right man for the job, he brings us all together, an island with many nationalities. 

Our minister speaks two different dialects at each briefing, good on him; this shows compassion for others and respect. I say to those that have been vile and nasty to grow up and show some respect.

This man, this government, along with the governor, the police, the Health Services Authority and others, have saved our lives. Please, do not ever forget that. Our Hon. Alden McLaughlin is our Winston Churchill. Thank you. 

Keith Myers

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