Plea (and a poem) for access to ocean

I emphatically second the handful of thoughtful letters submitted to date: Caymanians of all ages need the healing powers of our beautiful ocean to help us find the courage, calm and strength to effectivly cope with these unnerving times. 

We’re not interested in beach picnics, sunbathing or sipping coctails at sunset (though these all sound wonderful), we simply want to improve the health of our bodies and brains with a daily swim. 

Please give us this one simple freedom. We, in turn, will promise to honour all social-distancing guidelines (pretty effortless for open-sea swimmers) and vow to stop inundating the hard-working folks at the Cayman Compass with our desperately annoying pleas.

My will is weak, my faith is thin
I never jog or hit the gym
my only chance of finding slim
is hidden in my ocean swim

Please have a heart and ease the rules
and free the beach and swimming pools
please let me have my daily swim
and maybe life won’t feel so grim

And if you do, I promise to
tow the line and stick like glue
to all the rules and sage advice
I’ll wash my hands not once, but twice!

And when I stroll onto the beach
I’ll wear a mask I washed with bleach
and when my holy swim is done
I will not stay to toast the sun

I’ll walk straight home and have a drink
and after two, I’ll start to think
of what a lucky man I am
to live in lovely Grand Cayman

Paul Nicoll

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  1. It’s an unfortunate position the Cayman government is in. It makes no sense to prohibit someone from exercising alone in the ocean while sharing no space with others between there and home – outside of those already in their household. Obviously it’s better for their physical and mental health to be able to do this. Unfortunately I think large entities like the government have difficulties showing logical discernment when dealing with a large group of people. Especially when some will ignore other rules that actually have an impact on health and safety with the same lack of discernment.