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Lemon Wall by Jason Washington

Few creatures divers encounter underwater are as graceful as the eagle ray.

Just east of the North Sound main channel is an area frequented by these majestic ocean dwellers. Lemon Wall is the place to be if you’re in search of an eagle ray or 10.

These incredible creatures develop ovoviviparously. That means that the baby eagle rays start out as small eggs which hatch internally, feeding from a small yolk sac until the end of the pregnancy period, which lasts about a year.

Lemon Wall is typically dived in the summer months when the winds are lighter and mostly from the southeast. Be sure to check the tide before diving in this area, as the best visibility will be found just before it reaches its peak.

| Jason Washington is an award-winning underwater photographer and owner of Ambassador Divers, a PADI 5-star facility located at the Palm Heights Resort on Seven Mile Beach.

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