Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell said he has seen an increase in people signing up to get on the electors’ roll for the 2021 elections and he’s attributing it to community activity.

“Voter registration is ramping up, voters are also submitting change of address/name/occupation forms in increasing numbers. It is also evident that political hopefuls and grassroots groups have started canvassing, encouraging persons to register to vote,” Howell told the Cayman Compass via email in response to queries about the registration.

Cayman’s general elections are set for 26 May 2021.

Howell said the current voters’ register contains 21,824 individuals who are eligible to vote with 71 new names added. A total of 47 people have been removed from the list due to death or loss of eligibility.

The next voter registration deadline is 1 Oct. and, following that, 4 Jan. 2021, which Howell said “is the last opportunity to register before the May 2021 General Election”.

The 21 July revised Register of Electors contains 21,903 electors, he said.

However, “this revised Register of Electors will become the Official Register of Electors on 1 October 2020,” Howell added.

Under the revised list, 132 new voters have been added and two individuals have regained their eligibility and are now on the list.

Howell has encouraged eligible voters, especially those turning 17, to sign up as voter registration is not automatic.

“Persons [who] meet the voter registration requirements should register to vote at the soonest opportunity. Seventeen-year-olds can now submit voter registration documents. There is a Constitutional provision that allows young persons who otherwise meet the voter eligibility requirements, and will turn 18 on or before the date of the General Election (Wednesday, May 26, 2021) to be able to register to vote before they turn 18,” he told the Compass.

He encouraged young people to review their documentation such as those who have the right to be Caymanian (Caymanian status) and will lose that right when they turn 18, a restriction noted in their Right to be Caymanian/acknowledgement document.

“As such, those persons who have the right to be Caymanian only until they turn 18, will have to apply to WORC (Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman) and receive a continuation letter before the voter registration can continue,” he added.

Howell reminded residents to regularly review the revised list of Electors as an independent check and balance.

“The system of voter registration [in the] Cayman Islands has historically been built with public scrutiny in mind, as such we encourage individuals to report any concerns or anomalies with the revised list to the respective Registering Officers,” he said.

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