Cayman will never accept same-sex marriage

I have written about this subject several times in the past few years and I pray that our government will tell the human rights committee to leave the Cayman Islands alone. Tell them that we will never, ever accept this in our islands.

We were brought up with the holy Bible and we are a god-fearing and a very unique people!

Homosexual marriages or even that type of lifestyle/behaviour in public places must not be allowed.

Can you imagine our children growing up and seeing teens/adults like this. They will be in total dismay and confused. They are used to their parents being a man and a woman! Same sex is unjust and only leads to destruction and desolation!

Again I say that any of our Caymanians that have those type of “feelings”, I do not believe that they are asking for this to be allowed in our islands. And I do not believe that they are wishing for this in our islands. They, like others, have pride for themselves and they are very private.

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This subject/issue should never be a matter for our MLAs to have on their agenda. They already know that Caymanians will not pass this and make same-sex marriages legal! Just like other Caribbean Islands we must not allow it!

No one can dictate to us and tell us that we have to do this. We are humans and we are a very unique people, with our traditions. We have every right to remain how we are.

Our MLAs were placed in their posts to serve the people and to protect our islands for the people! I fully believe that the majority of Caymanians do not want same-sex marriages in our islands. God gave us these beautiful, beloved islands to call home. We have to take care of them!

We, the people of the Cayman Islands and our MLAs, who are supposed to be working for the people, must never give in to this unjust request, from any committee or group, and not now or not ever give in to the outside world! That tradition we will keep.

God bless the Cayman Islands!

Dora A. Ebanks

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