Cayman should attract professionals to work here remotely

I notice that Bermuda recently introduced a visa programme to encourage people to come work on their island.

This 12-month programme is aimed at attracting professionals that work remotely to come work in a safe environment.

These professionals (in Cayman) would need to book an airline ticket, rent a car, rent accommodation, buy food and pay utility bills.They would likely support the local economy by frequenting restaurants and enjoying the many other things Cayman has to offer. Being professionals, they would likely have more disposable income than the usual workers of the service industry.

Cayman needs to continue thinking outside the box and look at as many options as possible to grow its economy in these difficult times. This may not be a huge income generator but it is a step in the right direction and a small boost to local business.

Greg Richmond-Peck

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  1. This is a very interesting suggestion. As a former resident I would be very happy to return to Cayman for a year and could easily do my job remotely with a fast internet connection (sadly for me, family responsibilities would not currently allow it). It would provide an economic boost without creating unwanted competition for Caymanians in the job market. I would suggest, however, that the number of people willing to move to Cayman for only one year would be limited. Longer residency options might increase take up. Against that Cayman has to consider balancing the short term economic situation with long term population growth. Certainly an option that warrants further debate locally