Ask the Experts: Population and development

As part of our ongoing Cayman 2.0 series, the Compass this week is looking at development and population in the Cayman Islands. The idea of Cayman having a population of 100,000 has been bandied about, but could (or should) Cayman actually serve as home to that many people?

Joining on today’s Ask the Experts roundtable are:
* CPR Cayman’s Michelle Lockwood
* Attorney Samuel Jackson
* Real estate broker Kim Lund


Ask the Experts: Population and Development

Our Cayman 2.0 series is dedicated to fostering discussion with the aim of making the Cayman Islands a better place to live. Today, through our Ask the Experts panel, we discuss the idea of Cayman serving as home to 100,000 residents and what that could mean for the country's way of life. Joining us are: * REMAX Cayman Islands Broker/Owner Kim Lund* CPR Cayman's Michelle Lockwood

Posted by Cayman Compass on Friday, October 23, 2020

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  1. I’m sorry, but population on this island MUST be addressed ASAP with an eye for a future that lies well beyond the near term. So far the economic plan appears to be that CIG needs more $ to pay the bills so they increase the population for more fees… then as a result need to increase infrastructure… then need more money to pay for it… then increase the population…, build more… increase… build… it’s a snowball running away downhill. When do we draw the line and seek better ways to increase the economy than by increasing the population? We have to get real or we will permanently ruin God’s gift to Cayman and the world at large. We must find ways to increase the economy that don’t require intentionally, perpetually increasing the expat population.