In this month’s Cayman 2.0 series, we discuss extensively the idea of Cayman’s population increasing to 100,000 as well as the associated benefits, drawbacks and infrastructure concerns.

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  1. Cayman’s reasonable and sensible size population has been greatly in its favour, So many Caribbean and other small countries in land- size, suffer economically due to relatively large populations . They are burdened by “balance of payments” constant problems and increasing populations presenting difficulty for their governments to provide education, health care and other necessary items for them. Cayman has been able to pay- its- way.
    The increase in the population here by some 30,000 or more that few Caymanian’s desire to reach a total of 100,000 in the immediate future.. where is the increase to come from? Obviously by many many foreigners coming to live in Cayman and to compete with the existing population in so many ways.. Traffic is already cluttering Grand Cayman and there are already quite long waiting lists for processing immigration, welfare subsidies, health-care facilities and other essential elements of society . An undesirable result of this suggested large increase in the population, will cause a see-saw. .foreigners IN and Caymanians OUT having to seek employment and a life elsewhere. let us first find and take means to better life for the present population!! There is no obligation to provide citizenship and a good life for foreigners,, we do not have the land-room or essential elements for such kind but faulty cause.
    I myself came here from Jamaica but rather than being enticed to take action to make money here, I instead worked very hard and effectively in voluntary service at a national level mainly in sport. for 20 years. for which I was already experienced. As a lawyer also I turned down offers of legal jobs in Cayman that would have made me a rich man. One has often to decide whether to give or to take .! Which of those two choices will the 30.000 newcomers decide to take ?
    R H N