2 new COVID cases among travellers

Two travellers have tested positive for COVID-19, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Samuel Williams-Rodriguez reported Wednesday.

They were among 125 tested for coronavirus since Tuesday, he said.

Both individuals are asymptomatic, and will remain in isolation until they test negative for the virus, officials said.

Two other travellers tested positive earlier this week – they are also asymptomatic and are in isolation.

This brings to 244 the total number of people who have tested positive since testing began in March. Of those, 233 have recovered, and there are 10 active cases, nine of which are asymptomatic.

One person remains in hospital on a ventilator.

As of Wednesday, the total number of people in isolation, either at a government facility or in their homes, was 657.

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  1. I want to compliment the people at the airport on Tuesday who worked with incredible efficiency. After all the problems we had getting approval and then trying to get a flight on Cayman Air it was a breath of fresh air. We went through a number of stations getting tested getting our wrist band and a phone. Nice job

  2. I would also like to compliment all the individuals and the process which has allowed myself and many others to return to Cayman. Greeting individuals were helpful and friendly, easing a situation which was stressful for myself. First COVID test was not as bad as I had heard. As I was processed through each station, I felt more reassured that Cayman was prepared and a place that I felt safe in. To enjoy this beautiful island, two weeks quarantine is a small price to pay. Well done everyone and thank you.

  3. We arrived on Oct 20th. I agree with the two posters. The process was in all honesty, very seamless. It really felt no different then any other time. Beside picking up a COVID test and a phone and bracelet, no biggie. We grabbed our bags, went to duty and imports, paid our claim and proceeded out to get a taxi, exactly like we have done many, many times before. The HSA and FLU team members were awesome! One negative of this process, as Canadians, who were COVID free ( us individually) we had to travel to Miami (the COVID epicenter) then board a CA flight inbound. Would it not be better to have direct inbound flights, to add another layer to reduce the chance of getting COVID while in transit… we do airport testing in Toronto, so this would be an additional layer of COVID identification defense.

    However, now being on island for just shy of 3 weeks, I will say, it is time Cayman to expedite the process and gets people on island (visitors/tourists etc). In speaking with many contacts on island, the fiscal uncertainty is creating alarming high personal uncertainty. I sympathize for those in the tourism industry, I do worry about Cayman’s ability to recover …. tourism is approx 40% of their island revenue. To grow that or chip away at that with retraining Caymanians will be a long haul. Without expeditious economic expansion, a one year decline as seen by COVID will take years to reverse. While the construction industry continues onward, if there is constant hesitancy to learn to live and accept a COVID risk, the new infrastructure will suffer the same fiscal issues currently happening. Besides quarantine dollars, all hotels are relatively bare. The vaccine while it may work, not all will take it, therefore the eradication of COVID is years away, if ever.

    The NOMAD or Global Citizens program is certainly intriguing, although, to uproot my life for 1 year, maybe 2 if granted, seems a lot. I think a better option is to offer all property owners a certificate of exemption, allowing them priority access to come and go. Sure there can be a fee tied to this program, but imagine if I could get a 10-15 year owners exemption to travel to Cayman and enjoy the benefits of a trusted traveler status. I have an investment in the island, I will spend my monies on food, utilities as well as other things.

    I love Cayman, but I don’t like seeing Caymanians struggle.

    Here to positive vibes and to 2020 passing and to 2021 being the rebound year.