Cayman’s Department of Agriculture is investigating at least one report of animal abuse over the weekend, stemming from a photo shared on social media appearing to show a dog chained up in standing flood water.

“The department became aware (on Monday) of one incident relating to a dog that was reported on social media as potentially being in harm’s way during passage of the storm.”

“The Department’s Animal Welfare Officer is currently investigating the matter in conjunction with the RCIPS,” DoA Assistant Director Brian Crichlow confirmed Tuesday to the Cayman Compass.

Police on Tuesday confirmed they received a report of animal cruelty on 8 Nov. at a residence in the area of Whitman Seymour Drive, in George Town.

“A dog was reported to have been tied outside a residence that was flooded due to heavy rains during the passing of Tropical Storm Eta,” according to police.

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A post on social media over the weekend purported to show the dog chained to a dog house in a yard with standing water that rose roughly halfway up the animal’s legs. The photos sparked outrage, with dozens of people sharing and commenting on the post.


The department’s animal welfare and control services unit is responsible for monitoring and assisting with the prevention of cruelty to animals, according to the DoA’s website.

Examples of animal cruelty listed under environmental abuse include failure to provide adequate food, water or shelter; and exposure to extreme heat or inclement weather.

Examples of animal cruelty
• Physical abuse – tight collars causing neck wounds; open wounds or signs of multiple wounds not being treated; extreme thinness or emaciation – bones visible; discharge from nose or eyes; patchy or matted coat; owner hitting or otherwise physically abusing it
• Environmental abuse – failure to provide adequate food, water or shelter; exposed to extreme heat or inclement weather; locked in a hot car; kept in area with faeces, garbage or other objects that could harm them; being kept in an environment that is not suited to their needs where they are unable to stand, turn around and make normal movements
• Animal abandonment – intentionally and recklessly leaving an animal at a location without providing minimum care, or making reasonable arrangements for the care of an animal.
• Malicious poisoning – poisoning or exposing the animal to a toxic environment
• Organised cruelty – Dogfighting, cockfighting.
• Ritual abuse – animals are either mutilated or sacrificed for religious purposes. Bestiality or sexual abuse of an animal.

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