Poll: Are the beaches any cleaner without tourists?

Plastic dotted Seven Mile Beach Wednesday, four days after the storm had passed.

Garbage, especially plastics, has long been a problem on the beaches of Cayman. Prior to the closure of the borders in April, tourists visiting the white sands and crystal-clear waters were often blamed for most of the litter on the beach.

Yet the absence of tourism over the past eight months has failed to alleviate the problem.

A busy storm season has brought with it an influx of plastic debris from neighbouring island countries. Vials of blood and a syringe were recently found washed ashore on beaches throughout Grand Cayman, their origins still unknown.


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  1. I walk the beach nearly every day. It’s much dirtier now because there are no tourists to clean up after us. When I walk I always try to pick up a can or a cup. There are many other folks out there like me but not enough.

  2. As an outside yearly visitor to the island, we spent several hours a week cleaning up debris, wherever we may have been that particular day. Rackams is a favorite of ours, and while there a few days a week, we’d pick up all the trash that had blown over walls and menus off the sea floor while snorkeling. It’s not always the public or visitors anyway, it can be very difficult to hold things down on a windy day.