Consultation over an ‘area plan’ for the Seven Mile Beach corridor is effectively on hold until after the election, the Department of Planning has confirmed.

The project is part of the Plan Cayman initiative which aims to update the island’s development plan for the first time since 1997.

That exercise began in 2018 with the release of the National Planning Framework which outlines the long-term vision, goals and objectives of Plan Cayman.

While that document will guide future policy, it hasn’t changed any zoning or planning regulations yet.

That detail will come through specific area plans. The planning department aims to consult and create bespoke plans for five areas in Cayman, starting with the Seven Mile corridor.

It initially suggested this would be done over the course of five years, with each area plan then reviewed and updated on a five-year cycle.

The process has stalled, however, amid the coronavirus pandemic, and work on the Seven Mile Beach Area Corridor plan, which began in 2019, will resume post-election, according to the department.

The Plan Cayman website outlines the aims of that exercise.
It will involve an inventory of the area that looks at land use, public transport, pedestrian facilities, open spaces, infrastructure and new planning applications. A public outreach programme is also planned.

The process will include a ‘capacity modelling exercise’ to determine potential growth in the area based on current and alternative land zoning.

The eventual aim is to create a policy document that can guide future development in the area, incorporating everything from the allowable height of buildings to setbacks from the ocean, and policies on transport and open space.

“Upon approval, the Seven Mile Beach Tourism Corridor Area Plan will supersede all other related policies and regulations related to land use for this area,” the Plan Cayman framework states.

  • This story is part of our ‘Seven on Seven’ feature series this week looking at the future of development in Cayman, and in the Seven Mile Beach corridor in particular,  from multiple perspectives.

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