Beware of Dart’s ‘vision’

As a long-time annual visitor to the Cayman Islands I feel I must reach out to you as a warning about Mr. Dart and his vision for ‘his Islands’. 

Surely you have noticed by your recent poll that the main concern is for the ocean, the environment and its preservation. During the time of COVID and lack of visitors there have been issues with lionfish and a coral virus that need to be addressed for the future of diving etc. in Cayman.

Mr. Dart has his own vision. The wrong vision. He throws money at small issues – landfill – in hopes of moving ahead unstopped with his vision. There are undeveloped areas in Cayman that he could develop and maybe do some good, but Seven Mile Beach and surrounding areas are not up for grabs.

I hope with your coming elections someone will stand up to him before it’s too late.

Lynda Kent

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  1. The same poll you mention was run across multiple different stories in a series about growth, the environment and the election. That had the effect of amplifying public like and dislike votes which (unlike our election) can be cast by anyone from anywhere and game the result. Judging by the smiles on the faces in the crowd at Camana Bay this last week, none of the people there would have wished that “vision” away or “stood up against” a newer and improved version of it up the beach. It’s selfish for off island people to try to freeze Cayman as some kind of environmental time capsule so they can visit once a year and pretend they’re young again. There are children here with hopes and dreams for growth and a dynamic economy, so they can raise children here and stay. All of Cayman represents less land than the amount of Brazilian rainforest they clear each week. If you want to save the environment, do it there. The community here is doing a pretty good job redeveloping and beautifying this place on its own. Lastly, calling the landfill a small issue is so out of touch with reality that I snorted when I laughed.