Develop Seven Mile Beach sustainably

The Caymanian people should not have their beach access blocked by multi-storey buildings and additional resorts on Seven Mile Beach. 

Beach erosion and overbuilding of expensive condos and resorts have turned Miami Beach, Florida, into an expensive example of overtourism. Dart’s spreading economic interests on all three islands outweigh their concern for the environment and for the Caymanian people.

Amplify Cayman, the community campaign group, avers that Seven Mile Beach, the star tourist attraction for these islands, is facing ecological and economic losses.

The Plan Cayman project will dictate future and sustainable building on Cayman’s exquisite beachfront. Safeguard all three of the Cayman Islands by planning wisely for their future development.

Nan Socolow

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  1. I can never understand the real reason people are so adamant about a walk way between 2 condos? We are a tourist country. I never went with my kids to seat in the sand in front of a condo. I went to Galleon beach hotel and sat in a chair or a hammock. Then we went to Holiday Inn. As far as I am concerned I believe we doing this wrong. Why don’t we cut a deal with Dart to buy a beach a mile long on the South side of Grand Cayman and allow trade and business license to Caymanians to develop the beach with restaurants and bar and pools and shade???? I don’t see the benefit of me boasting to private owners of condos I can sit in from of ‘them” on the beach. I’m not going to drag my beach chair to sit on a narrow part of the beach and block people from crossing me. So what do I bring a beach towel? What about the baby-is? Then beach sand in the new car? Really?
    I want a beach I can go with the grandkids sit under a grape tree jump in the pool call a waitress to bring me another Margarita and smoke my cigar in the smoking area in peace and see other members of the family. What about you?