Dumped cars limited to 15 a day at landfill

Thousands of cars have ended up on the scrap metal pile at the George Town landfill over the years. The landfill is now only accepting a maximum of 15 derelict vehicles a day. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay

The George Town landfill will only accept 15 derelict vehicles on any given day from now on, the Department of Environmental Health has announced.

Thousands of scrap cars have ended up in the landfill over the years, and the DEH and Dart, which recently took over the site in a deal with government, is in the process of shipping them off island for recycling.

A large scrap metal area of the landfill has been the site of several fires in recent years. Dart and the DEH have said that removing the scrap from the dump will reduce the risk of fires.

Following another large fire at the site last month, the landfill temporarily stopped accepting derelict vehicles while the DEH carried out what it described as control and safety measures. That moratorium continued while tons of the scrap metal at the site was processed and prepared for export. The first of an anticipated three barges of the scrap metal was shipped off island on 22 April.

According to the Economics and Statistics Office’s annual compendium of statistics, in 2019 – the most recent data available – 2,024 derelict vehicles were scrapped at the landfill.

In a statement issued earlier this month regarding the removal of scrap metal from the landfill, Cameron Graham, president of development delivery and infrastructure at Dart, said, “There will be two to three barges of metals sent overseas for recycling in the current phase, followed by other stockpiled metals and end of life vehicles over the course of the coming months.”

Under the ReGen deal signed between government and the Dart-led consortium which took over the site, the part of the landfill which currently contains the scrap vehicles will be used as a residual solid waste area – where items that cannot be recycled or incinerated in the waste-to-energy facility will be deposited.

Derelict cars and other scrap metal from the George Town landfill on board a barge in Hog Sty Bay, George Town, ready to be shipped overseas. – Photo: Supplied by Dart

How to dispose of your vehicle

The DEH, in an announcement issued via Government Information Services on Tuesday, is encouraging people who plan to take their vehicle to the landfill to call beforehand to determine if their car will be accepted. Those individuals whose vehicles are accepted are then required to book a slot for a particular day.

Anyone who wishes to dispose of their vehicle at the landfill should call 949-3719.

The DEH also reminded the public that the landfill is only accepting derelict vehicles from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7am and 4pm.

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