A plea for everyone to get vaccinated

Last week I boarded a public bus as I normally do. I’ve lived in several countries where it is rude to be loud. If you’ve ever been on our buses, you know that isn’t the case here. I normally just put my headphones in and mind my business, but on this day, there was no ignoring the conversation. 

The main attractions were two women in the seat opposite me. Their voices were so loud, I’m sure people outside could hear. Now, it wasn’t necessarily their volume that made me turn off my podcast and listen in, it was the subject of their conversation. The first thing I heard was the main woman yelling to every person entering and exiting the bus, “Don’t take the vaccine! Don’t you do it! They are trying to control us!” 

I wanted to know why she thought this, but as the only person with a mask on in the bus despite the signs saying police will be called, I thought it best not to engage. But I did get some more information. She and the woman next to her continued yelling at everyone not to take the vaccine. 

And then it got weird. The talk turned to reasons why not to get the vaccine. The number one reason they discussed was that the vaccine shot inserts a microchip into you so the government can track you at all times, then the chips would be used to control everyone and everyone who “had the chip” would be killed. 

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. These were grown women, probably with children who will learn this as absolute truth. How could grown people believe this? 

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I am still grappling with it. That we have people who think the government is trying to control us with chips implanted as a vaccine. People who are endangering their friends, family and everyone around them. 

If we want our borders reopened, we need to reach these people. But, unfortunately, many of them are too far gone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Explain the benefits of masks, social distancing and especially the vaccine. 

Be a role model for your community! If we truly practise CaymanKind, we can get our vaccination level to where it needs to be! Do your part and follow the guidelines – leading by example is a great way to sway opinions. You may not get the microchip people or the 5G folks [on board], but you can certainly do some good. And the world could do with some of that right now. 

Courtney Criswell

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