Let vaccinated visitors come to Cayman without quarantine

Cayman Islands

I miss you so much, Cayman. I miss your people and your sunshine and your reefs. I was not fortunate enough to have been born in Cayman but from my first visit 27 years ago, it felt like home. 

As a biologist, I have dedicated my professional life to studying the reefs that surround the Cayman Islands and have worked with your outstanding Department of Environment. My return to Cayman (and the return of others who love it, too) is being blocked by ‘rules’ that are not consistent with the evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at both preventing illness and transmission of COVID. The rest of the Caribbean has opened its doors to vaccinated individuals. 

The quarantine imposed by the Cayman government, whether 14 days, 10 days, or five days, for vaccinated people, makes absolutely no sense. Please, your economy needs visitors and your devoted visitors need Cayman. Allow fully vaccinated people to visit without quarantine.

Elizabeth Sherman

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  1. Although I rarely agree with you Elizabeth, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Belize is allowing visitors who have been vacinated to enter and have had no upticks whatsoever. Can’t wait for Cayman to open up again.

  2. Cayman can choose to continually restrict visitors to quarantine and negative test results. But with the rest of the Caribbean opening up, loyal returning visitors to Cayman, may very well change their alliances, and adopt new Countries for their vacations. This will hurt Cayman in the short term, but it could lead to painful permanent losses. Travellers are pent up and need a release, Early acceptance of these customers will win them over to new destinations.