Mandatory survey for stipend recipients

The Ministry of Tourism has launched a mandatory survey for recipients of the government’s monthly $1,500 stipend.

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said in a statement issued Wednesday that the purpose of the survey was to “collect accurate data that will enable the Ministry to plan for the future needs of the industry, in preparation for reopening”.

The deadline for completion of the survey is Friday, 2 July.

Bryan said that his ultimate goal as tourism minister was to ensure that displaced industry workers who wish to return to the sector are given first preference to fill vacancies.

“The data collected from stipend recipients will allow for more accountability, and will help me to ensure that the skills of our Caymanian people are being appropriately matched to the available jobs,” he said.

The survey includes questions about the roles the applicants had prior to the pandemic; the tourism sector they worked in (stayover or cruise); current employment status; whether they are registered with WORC; whether they wish to work in the same position they had before the borders closed; whether they would be wiling to take part in tourism-related training programmes; and whether they are receiving other government payments.

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan

The survey form also includes a paragraph which states that it is a criminal offence “to make any statement which is false” or which the respondent believes not to be true, and that anyone found to be making a false statement in the survey will have their stipend suspended immediately.

Speaking at a press briefing last week, Bryan urged people filling out the survey to be truthful, stating that even if they are currently employed in another industry, it will not affect their receipt of the stipend.

At the briefing, Bryan said the survey was mandatory because “the information we are seeking to collect will identify things like how many of our displaced workers are unemployed, how many wish to return to the industry versus how many of them have moved on to new opportunities”.

He added, “The survey will serve as an important tool for holding the industry accountable for ensuring skills are being suitably matched up to available jobs.”

The ministry is advising that, when completing the survey, respondents must upload a copy of one form of government-issued photo ID, such as their Cayman Islands voter registration card, driver’s licence or passport.

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  1. So a tourism employee gets laid off due to Covid, finds another job immediately which may even pay more than the job he lost, yet Govt is happy to continue his $1500 monthly stipend?. What about the poor expats who are still out of work and cannot claim a stipend?.