Lack of clear plan to reopen frustrating

Why are rules inconsistent and arbitrary when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines and quarantine? In April, government reduced quarantine for ALL individuals that are vaccinated to 10 days. 

However, under the new reduced quarantine of five days announced on 23 June, government revised its policy on 25 June to only those that received a vaccine in the UK or Cayman Islands, stating that these were the only vaccines that could be verified. Government, when it reduced quarantine to 10 days, had no such regulation. 

This has led to confusion and frustration for many individuals leaving the island or property owners or residents that may have received their vaccine in the US, Canada or another country and planned to return. 

Understanding government’s desire to protect the health of citizens, they need to develop a plan to open the borders and release the information to the public. Announcing policy and then amending two days later implies that government officials have no clear direction to set policy and plans towards a reopening, and raises concern how they will govern going forward. 

Tourism, restaurants and support workers have suffered long enough. The country has sufficient supplies of vaccine, so no reason to hold off longer. Indecision and constant changes to policy lead to uncertainty and confusion. Government needs to get its act together or we will have another winter without tourism.

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John Zikias

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  1. Even if we agree to accept USA vaccination certificates and reduce the quarantine period for vaccinated individuals to 5 days we still have a problem.

    What about their children? If they have children with them under 16 years old it’s not possible at present for them to be vaccinated. Thus the whole family will have to quarantine for 14 days.

    I don’t see a way around this, except of course for vaccinating children, as children at school are adept at picking things up and spreading them around.

    Meanwhile the Delta variant is more transmissible than before, more able to infect vaccinated people and more likely to result in hospitalization.