Property owner gives up on returning to Cayman

When I first saw the government’s planned press conference a few weeks ago, I was eager for good news. What I got was politics at its best with a large majority of the content directed at the Opposition. 

To have gone this long with no plan for the country’s reopening is mindboggling. How can the island’s businesses, airlines and the rest of the world make plans if Cayman keeps moving the goalposts?

I live in the US and purchased a property in Cayman just prior to the shutdown. I never would have imagined that over a year later, I still cannot get access to my unit. As you can imagine, I’m am extremely disappointed and have decided to sell my unit. Fortunately, I will actually be selling the unit for more that I paid for it. However, that hurts the people of Cayman by raising the costs of real estate even further.

Prior to COVID, my family visited Cayman three to four times a year and have fallen in love with the island and its wonderful people. However, my family can no longer wait for the government to come up with a plan and stick with it. I cannot understand how Cayman accepts US vaccination records for the 10-day quarantine period but not for the five-day period; makes no sense when most of the rest of the world does.                 

Due to our family’s many schedules, we can no longer wait to plan our future vacations. As such, we have given up on visiting Cayman for the rest of the year and throughout the winter season. Maybe next summer we will change our minds but it is unlikely. We can no longer stand by and wait to see which way the wind blows.

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The Caymanian people are so wonderful and I cannot believe that the government essentially has gone unchallenged by the island’s many businesses and and workers who depend on tourism. The islanders’ future livelihood hangs in the balance and they deserve better. We will miss you Cayman!

Brian Durbin

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  1. Mr Durbin
    You can be vaccinated and still be a “Carrier” of COVID 19 or variant, 10 is a minimum when most positive test were found at the end of 14 days quarantine.
    Canadian politically sugar coated the entire pandemic, Cayman didn’t. This community is COVID free for a reason.

  2. Like Mr Durbin, we bought a lovely condo on the Island right before the shut down. We were going to put it in the vacation rental pool to help offset the expense of owning it, and when open, we would come visit. As of now, we have gone all of 2020 and 2021 with absolutely no return from the unit. No one from the U S is going to come down and spend a portion of their vacation in a quarantine lock down. We see very little chance that there will be a return on our condo, and are also thinking it is best to sell it. We won’t be getting the vaccination, as my whole family has had covid and are immune. It is a strange world we are living in right now.

  3. Wish I was making plans to return to Cayman but over the next 12 months I and my family will be diving in Turks and sailing in the Exuma’s. Lots of vacation plans are being made by many vacationers for other beautiful island destinations that have open borders now for those who can present negative PCR lab tests.