Starting 30 Aug. 2021, only authorised public transportation and tour operators will be allowed to drop off or pick up passengers in front of the Owen Roberts International Airport (ORIA) main terminal.

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) announced the change to vehicular traffic flows entering and exiting ORIA in a statement on Monday.

The change, a CIAA said, was part of a new Airport Landside Security requirement.

It comes as Cayman moves closer to the limited introduction of tourism starting 9 Sept., according to government’s phased reopening plan which is subject to attaining the 80% vaccination target.

All vehicular traffic, apart from authorised public transportation and tour operators, will be routed to the short-term or long-term parking lots “where the standard parking rates will apply, which will come into effect in October”.

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“These changes in traffic flows have been implemented in the United Kingdom and in some overseas territories to reduce risk and improve airport security,” said Chief Airport Security Officer Chad Yates in the statement.

The CIAA said for September, the standard parking rates will be waived.

“We recognise these changes will impact our customers, but our goal is to minimise the impact while ensuring a safe and secure environment,” he said.

This CIAA map shows the new changes at ORIA which commence 30 Aug. 2021.

The CIAA said the drop-off zone in the short-term parking lot will be allocated for those dropping off departing passengers. Drivers who are picking up arriving passengers must also park in the short-term parking lot.

Parking will be free for up to five minutes, after which time the standard parking rates will apply.

“Keeping our customers safe is our number one priority, and these new measures… have been put in place with airport security at the forefront of our minds,” Yates said in the statement.

He said airport security continues to evolve globally and “we are committed to mitigating risk and providing an excellent airport experience”.

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  1. This is definitely not a good idea for departing passengers. There should be a designated pull off space along the perimeter sideway near the terminal to do this. this change will make it extremely inconvenient and difficult for the elderly. I haven’t been to an airport yet that does not allow drop off adjacent to the terminal.

  2. “Keeping our customers safe is our number one priority, and these new measures… have been put in place with airport security at the forefront of our minds,” Yates said in the statement.


    Just a way to charge people $5 for 5 minutes parking, as well as inconvenience them by making them haul cases to the parking lot.

    Think again please CAA.

  3. FIVE MINUTES to drop off departing passengers and luggage to avoid paying a parking fee???? That’s ridiculous. Why not just slow down to 5 mph as you pass in front of the terminal, open the doors and tell everyone to jump?
    This sounds more like a plan to increase airport income through parking charges.

  4. Mr Yates comment that this is the practice in the UK is simply wrong. In fact Heathrow has just announced that they will be charging passengers dropping off at kerbside to try and make revenue to make up for COVID losses. If anything the UK airports – Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham also charge- want to actively encourage people to drop off so they can harvest the fees. Trying to portray this as a UK initiative is – to use a polite term – disingenuous. As for passenger safety, how does forcing passengers to cross a road improve their safety? Remember that poor lady who got killed by a taxi?

  5. Be interesting to see how they plan to time the 5 minutes? If its from entry into the parking lot and out again, if there is any sort of traffic that barely leaves time to stop the car let alone drop off or puck up passengers?! For pick up its likely to create a queue of people outside the lot until the passenger has crossed the road and is ready for pick up… most countries that I’ve been to using a similar system give you at least 10-15 minutes

  6. What is Cayman trying to do?
    Every airport in the world has a drop off and pick up point.
    5 minutes will cause huge tie up.
    This is the second stupidest thing they have done after not letting
    Properly vaccinated property owners Ike myself get on the islland.