We asked readers – particularly parents of school age children – what they thought of the prospect of the Cayman Islands reopening to visitors in October.

Here’s what they had to say:

Tasheka Ebanks

“The possibility of schools closing again concerns me. If children have to be at home and parents have to go to work, it [will be] hard to monitor schoolwork or when they go online, and I know some teachers were very, very unreliable last year.”

Allison Hidalgo

“Day care starts at two months.  How do we protect our babies if we can’t stay home and social distance? We can still catch the virus and give it to them even if we are vaccinated. This is so scary as a mother of a baby. What can I do? I can’t help but feel that it’s only fair that government wait until babies can be vaccinated. We’ve already made it so far.”

Julia Plumley

“I am very worried about what this will mean for the children. There needs to be a more well-thought-out plan in place which prioritises the protection of this very vulnerable section of the population.”

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“One only has to look at the news to see how this is going to go. Schools open, then close in three weeks. Fist fights between parents over the masking controversy. This is the only place in the world where kids can go to school in any sort of normal environment.”

Jackie Myles

“I worry about the consistency of education and social interactions (like sports, music or other clubs) if there are quarantines required for contacts, or closing of schools periodically. The impacts on children seemed the last thing considered in our previous restrictions. (For example, that recreational sports were allowed for adults but not children). Beyond just keeping children from getting the virus, we should do all we can to keep kids in schools/activities in person.

In my opinion, at the very least, teachers/childcare providers/camp counsellors, bus drivers, anyone who has regular close interactions with children should be mandated to be vaccinated, like frontline workers, to protect the children who are not able to be.”

Amanda Branch Vierra

“No fear in our home! We keep our bodies as healthy as we can and support our health wherever needed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. We understand this virus is never going away and fearing it will cause way more harm. The survivability is highly in our favour, especially when it comes to children. I feel sad for all those living in such fear.”

Rachel Chiasson

“I would love kids to be vaccinated prior to border reopening. My kid is at higher risk of serious COVID, and this really makes me nervous to have borders reopen.”

Sandy Burrowes

“Concerned about kids needing to wear masks at school and the possibility of remote learning again. Neither is desirable.”

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  1. This is the fear that government has created by its false narrative that only hiding and locking itself away will “cure” covid. I am also tired of seeing comments about people saying “we are the only place in the world with normalcy of life”…That is an absolute lie….our state never locked down, my kids were in school all last year and this year with no masks and our businesses have continued to employ people and people are living their lives normally here. We have been for over a year and a half. There are plenty of other examples too…so please stop living in fantasy land as if Cayman is this example of how it should have been done. You’re going to find awfully quickly that you’re going to be left behind because of your failure choosing to lock your self away instead of dealing with it as a reality. COVID19 is a virus, and like the flu, will never be eradicated. So all you are doing is delaying the inevitable because when you do finally reopen, no matter how long you wait, it will come to your shores and while you’re dealing with it then, the rest of the world will have moved on. So sad.