COVID-19 testing commenced on Tuesday for families, students and staff at George Town Primary School, following news of a student testing positive overnight.

Parent Teacher Association president Melissa Maize, speaking with the Cayman Compass in a telephone interview Tuesday morning, said the process had been moving smoothly and parents were keeping calm as they followed the advice of Public Health officials.

However, she added there was a natural level of anxiety as they went through the testing procedure.

“When we went to the school this morning the parents did show up, they listened to the instructions and they just were ready and prepared to get tested… we just want to make sure that everyone else that may have been in contact with [the positive student] get tested and that they are all OK,” she said.

She said everything happened quite quickly overnight when school officials reached out to inform them about the student.

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“I have to kind of give them praise for their efforts to try to get everyone aware of what to expect for the morning. So they did reach out to all the parents. They used all the mediums… to share with the parents of what to expect this morning and that they have to come in to get tested. They really did a good job,” she said.

Now, she said, it is a waiting game.

“We are just waiting to hear back from the test results on what to expect and what’s going to happen going forward,” she said.

Through a press release issued early on Tuesday morning, Public Health officials and the Ministry of Education confirmed the case and announced they had activated their planned response measures, in line with the current Public Health COVID-19 protocols.

Tuesday’s case is the latest local transmission, the fourth to be reported since last Thursday.

The Compass spoke to another George Town Primary parent, who asked her name not be used, about the situation.

“I was really shocked,” she said, as she recounted receiving the message about the positive case.

The parent said her main concern is whether the children, including her young daughter, may have contracted the virus.

“We are worried that she could have COVID because of the situation. I hope not. We only have to stay home for now until we get the results… I think for 24 hours. If I get the results and she has tested negative I will have to rethink about [sending her to school] because we do not know who is positive with it,” the mother said.

She said she was pleased with the speed that the school informed them about the case and implemented testing.

“I am really happy that we had the plan to do the testing this morning,” she said.

Meanwhile, Maize said parents, from her perspective, are “just trying to control the anxiety of what to expect”.

“Students, of course, they are always kind of cheerful and playful. They had to kind of tone that down this morning. The kids to me, I feel they are managing it well,” Maize added.

When they were at the school, she said, students were seeing their schoolmates getting tested and, although apprehensive, “they were quite curious on how the test was done, what to expect”.

She also wished the positive student a speedy recovery.

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