Cayman LGBTQ Foundation launches helpline

Vulnerable people, especially young people, have been given a new line of help just recently as the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation has launched a dedicated helpline, to give support and advice to those in need of mental health assistance. The initial point of contact is an email: [email protected] to which anyone in need can write. This will then be followed up by an emailed response and a telephone call, should the individual so require.

Noel Cayasso-Smith, Founder and President of the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation, said that the helpline fulfilled a critical need in the community.

“Mental health issues worldwide are increasing exponentially around the world as a result of the pandemic. If you add into the mix an individual who is also feeling vulnerable and concerned as it relates to LGBTQ+ issues, we felt it was absolutely essential to put in place measures that will help such individuals,” Mr Cayasso-Smith advised. “We therefore believe it is timely to implement a helpline that will be a vital point of contact for vulnerable and concerned people, especially young people, who do not necessarily have the emotional maturity to deal with issues such as those as they relate to their sexuality. We want them to reach out for help and guidance.”

Mr Cayasso-Smith stated that all enquiries to the helpline will be kept in strict confidence and that trained professionals will be available to assist with the issues of those in need to ensure they receive the best help possible.

“No-one should ever feel alone when there are troubled. This helpline will give vulnerable people comfort in that there is someone to talk to about any LGBTQ+-related mental health issues that they might have, so we encourage anyone who feels the need to please get in touch. We are here to help,” he confirmed.

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About Cayman LGBTQ Foundation

Established in 2020, Cayman LGBTQ Foundation was founded to help all genders in the Cayman Islands community.  It helps educate the community on how to deal with LGBTQ matters and teaches others that stigma and discrimination hurt everyone. Acceptance and understanding play a key role in unity. The Foundation works towards creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive and equitable culture for the LGBTQ+ community of the Cayman Islands. The Foundation is committed to building relationships across each sector that will ensure a safe and culturally sensitive environment within the three Cayman Islands.

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