Closed border is hurting Caymanians

We miss visiting [Cayman]. Our annual two-week trip was cancelled last year, and it looks like this year will also provide no joy.  Our parents had visited Cayman for over 20 years and they passed on their ownership to my wife and I about 10 years ago. We understand about your concerns around COVID-19 and closing the borders to unvaccinated people. 

However, COVID-19 is here to stay and we’re all facing boosters for the foreseeable future until everyone is vaccinated. We live in the US and have been able to move around, shop and dine out since we’ve been vaccinated. We also wear masks when required and do not get offended when asked. 

Your country is beautiful and the people are the most wonderful and friendly of all the Islands – but we are concerned for their welfare and home-lives with the continued shutdown of the Island. Everyone is suffering there with lack of income from tourism. How much longer can your people survive? 

With proper vaccinations, proper social distancing, outdoor dining (which is most restaurants), masks, kindness, understanding and patience, we can make it together. Please reopen your borders and don’t wait until 2022 to do so. Let’s work together to be safe and welcomed back to Cayman.

David Eckart

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  1. Just cancelled three more groups of travel to Cayman and if the island does not open soon and US “VERIFIED” vaccine records are “required” it will never open. The Cayman Islands need to allow vaccine “cards”or digital vaccine records from the dr. At this time smart health cards are required. These are only available in Europe and CVS or Walmart. Most people in the US were vaccinated at hospitals and have digital records but not the smart health card. The reason politicians want smart health cards i because they say some can be counterfeited. Someone needs to weight the benefit / cost to allowing a few counterfeit health cards in as compared to shutting down all travel income for the second year. US Money is sometimes counterfeited but it is allowed in the country.
    Further -with the vaccine, this Pandemic has become more like a chronic flue. How many people have died in Cayman whom have had the vaccine? I know of none that have been reported.