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Employer faces holiday, overtime charges

An employer faces 47 charges of failure to pay overtime or public holiday pay.

Judicial 'slapdown': Government better pay attention

Did you hear that? It might sound like the fall of a gavel — but if you listen more closely, you may recognize the noise of floodgates opening.

Chief Justice's ruling questions 'opaque' and 'arbitrary' permanent residence policy

The permanent residence applications of two workers will be sent back to the Cayman Islands Immigration Appeals Tribunal for reconsideration following a ruling on Friday by Chief Justice Anthony Smellie.

Seaman's son dedicates his call to the Bar

Cayman’s newest attorney, an aeronautical communications engineer and son of a seaman, was called to the Bar of the Cayman Islands last week.

Some Caledonian depositors still waiting for bank payout

Depositors with Caledonian are still awaiting payment after distributions began July 30.

Jeffers's second murder appeal dismissed

Raziel Jeffers has lost his appeal against conviction for the 2010 murder of Damion Ming.

Two new judges join Court of Appeal

Justices of Appeal Sir Richard Field and Dennis Morrison are sitting for the first time since their appointment to the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal.

Retired judge joins Dinner Martin Attorneys

Retired Grand Court judge Alexander Henderson has returned to private practice, joining Dinner Martin Attorneys.

Civil servant's sentence suspended

A former civil servant convicted of theft had her prison sentence suspended on appeal.

Judge rules 8 years not too much for a pound of cocaine

Justice Robin McMillan upheld a sentence of eight years for importation of over a pound of cocaine.

Former judge called to the Bar

Former Grand Court judge Alexander Henderson was called to the Bar of the Cayman Islands on Wednesday morning in a traditional admission ceremony before Justice Charles Quin.

Man imprisoned 10 years for raping tourist

Lincoln Joseph Silburn was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment after a jury found him guilty of rape.

Upcoming premiere: Premier vs. Premier

Unlike the recent Mayweather-Pacquiao boxing match, the political pugilism between McKeeva Bush and Alden McLaughlin promises to live up to its top billing.

Court of Appeal's Justice Mottley retires

Justice Elliot Mottley has retired from the Court of Appeal after 10 years that included notable decisions.

Coroner's juries get more options

Cayman Islands coroner's juries now have more options in ruling on the cause of a person's death.

UK judge: Jurisdiction can decide a case

One of the most senior judges in the United Kingdom, speaking to Cayman’s judiciary and legal fraternities last week, said the jurisdiction chosen for a legal dispute can often be the deciding factor for many cases.

2010 child murder case to be retried in 2016

The retrial of Devon Anglin for the alleged murder of four-year-old Jeremiah Barnes has been adjourned until May 2016, after it was set for July this year.

Rivers election challenge: Hewitt ordered to pay costs

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie has ordered West Bay’s Gordon Hewitt to reimburse MLA Tara Rivers for her costs incurred during his losing June 2013 challenge to her election.

Baines: Gov’s report ‘contradicts’ Tempura rulings

Some surprising revelations concerning Operation Tempura come out in court records released this week.

New Financial Services Division judge begins sitting

Justice Nigel Clifford, QC, was sworn in via Skype in January.

Reporting on Cayman's courts: A plea for clarity

In order for Cayman to function as a first-world society - especially as an offshore financial center - expectations of swift, fair and reasoned justice must prevail.

Case management review under way

A review of procedures in Cayman’s Summary Court system is under way in an effort to help deal with the slow progress of cases through the criminal justice system.

Grand Court orders winding up of Caledonian entities

The Grand Court has ordered that the Caledonian entities that are subject to an SEC lawsuit for alleged U.S. securities laws violations are going to be liquidated.

Judge's ruling blasts Bridger

The Cayman Islands court blames former corruption investigator Martin Bridger for legal delays in an ongoing lawsuit related to Operation Tempura.

New probe in FOI wage data release

The Information Commissioner’s office has launched its own investigation into the release of wage data for more than 20,000 work permit holders by the Department of Immigration.

Caledonian bank run in wake of SEC allegations

Caledonian depositors tried to withdraw US$68 million last week after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission accused the bank and its broker affiliate of violating U.S. securities law.

Court rejects voluntary liquidation for Caledonian

The Grand Court has rejected an attempt by the shareholder of Caledonian to put the bank into voluntary liquidation.

Cayman chosen for football dispute court

Two football federations covering the Americas have selected Cayman for the site of a new sports arbitration court.

Court calls for facility for children in need of care

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie implores government to create secure accommodations for children in need of care.

Grand Court opening: Case management to be reviewed

The opening of Grand Court for 2015 revealed plans for a UK criminal justice advisor to assist with a review of prosecution support systems.

Two new judges join the Cayman bench

Justice Ingrid Mangatal has joined the Cayman Grand Court full time and Justice Robin McMillan will act as the need the arises.

Priya Levers, former Grand Court judge, dies

Priya Levers, the first woman to be appointed a judge of the Cayman Islands Grand Court, and then removed for misbehavior, died on Christmas Eve.

Chief justice, court staff honor departing security officer

Security guard and acting court marshal Emelson Principe was honored by judges and staff before his mandatory departure.

Immigration policy: We need 'addition,' not 'subtraction'

It is a scenario such as the one involving Court Security Officer Emelson Principe that crystallizes the absurdity of the Cayman Islands' approach to immigration.

Premier talks of new courts building in central George Town

Cayman needs more space for criminal courts, it's just not sure how to pay for it.

Cayman Islands Helicopters to return to George Town

A business offering scenic helicopter flights to tourists will return to downtown George Town next week after winning another legal battle against its neighbors on the waterfront.

Former chief magistrate sworn in as TCI chief justice

Cayman's former chief magistrate, Margaret Ramsay-Hale, was sworn in this week as chief justice in the Turks and Caicos.

Grand Court: Cayman Water has to negotiate license with Water Authority

Cayman Water has to continue its license negotiations with the Water Authority rather than directly with government, following a ruling on the licensing process.

Jeffers sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter

Raziel Jeffers gets 20 years in prison for his role in the shooting death of Marcos Mauricio Duran in 2010.

Jeffers found guilty of manslaughter

Raziel Jeffers is found guilty of manslaughter for his role in the killing of “numbers man” Marcos Duran.

Jeffers gets 20 years for manslaughter

Raziel Jeffers, convicted of manslaughter on Thursday, was sentenced on Friday afternoon to 20 years imprisonment.

Jury to consider verdict in murder trial

The jury is expected to be sent out Thursday morning to consider its verdict in the murder trial of Raziel Jeffers.

New Court of Appeal judge sworn in

Sir George Newman has been sworn in as a justice of the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal.

Ex-Gov, AG cleared of criminal allegations

Criminal allegations against high-ranking Cayman officials backfire on Operation Tempura's former senior investigator.

Summary court trials delayed nine months

Delays for trials set before the Cayman Islands Summary Court get longer and longer.

Translator loses suit against government

A Caymanian business owner lost her application to appeal a court ruling after she filed a writ against government because the Chief Immigration Officer declined to recognize her as a translator of the Spanish language.

Appeals Court judge Sir Anthony Campbell retires

Judges, magistrates, members of the legal profession and court staff gathered to honor retiring Judge Sir Anthony Campbell, who retired after four years’ service on the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal.

Tempestuous Tempura: Time for 
a public inquiry

In the matter of Operation Tempura, we are convinced that nothing short of a full-scale inquiry, conducted in public by objective impartial jurists (meaning not orchestrated by the United Kingdom or the Cayman Islands), will suffice.

Bail granted pending appeal of driving death conviction

Dorlisa Piercy, who was found guilty earlier this year of causing by dangerous driving, was granted bail Wednesday pending appeal of her conviction and sentence.

Four jailed for importing ganja

Four men received four diffeent sentences for their inolvement in the importation of 174 pounds of ganja to Cayman Brac.

Court of Appeal judge takes oaths

Justice John Martin has joined the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal.

Kernohan suit settled for undisclosed sum

Attorneys for former police commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Cayman’s government have reached a settlement in the wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Mr. Kernohan in May 2009.

Downtown helicopter cleared to fly again

A business offering helicopter rides to tourists has been given the all-clear to return to George Town waterfront in the latest legal twist in a battle with downtown business owners

Family disclosures urged for politicians

An internationally renowned corruption fighter pushes some of Cayman's hot button issues.

Real estate firms 'expelled' from association

The professional association for realtors in the Cayman Islands has “expelled” two of its members for failing to comply with audit investigations following allegations concerning “financial matters."

Summary Court facing backlog

Cayman's Summary Courts are dealing with a backlog of 1,230 cases from last year.

Operation Tempura: What's the $500,000 secret?

The $10 million-plus, U.K.-orchestrated, Cayman Islands-financed fiasco, is back - and there's a lot of "plus."

More than $500,000 spent on Tempura report, retrieval

A complaint against the local judiciary is being kept under wraps at an increasing cost to taxpayers.

New magistrates appointed to bench

Three new acting magistrates are appointed for the Summary Court.

Former attorney general Sir Richard Ground dies

A noted Cayman Islands and Caribbean jurist passes away at age 64 after a long illness.

Family court rulings made public

The Cayman Islands starts making the details of certain family court cases public.

Chief Justice: Family court orders not 'requests'

Cayman's top judge orders family court participants to stop ignoring the court's orders.

Jailed Brazilian banker sues Walkers

A former Brazilian banker, who is serving a 16-years prison sentence in her home country for conspiracy to commit crime, money laundering, tax evasion and mismanagement, is suing law firm Walkers in the Cayman Islands.

Tempura court challenge highlights open records fight

A court battle over certain Operation Tempura records may resolve a key question about public access to information.

Ex-Gov: ‘High time’ Bridger held accountable

Cayman's former governor says it's time to end the mischief surrounding the Operation Tempura investigation.

Murder trial to start next week

Jury selection is scheduled to get under way next week in the trial of Brian Borden, charged with the 2011 murder of Robert Mackford Bush.

Bridger files criminal Tempura complaint

A criminal complaint is filed with the RCIPS over the Operation Tempura investigation.

Murder suspect loses human rights challenge

A suspected killer has lost his bid to be released on bail pending his trial.

Courts to tackle case backlog

The number and variety of cases dealt with by Cayman's courts require more court space and personnel.

Father’s indecent assault sentence ruled too lenient

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie increased a man's sentence for indecently assaulting his young daughter, but did not require him to return to prison immediately.

Trial set for man charged in West Bay murder

A January 20 trial date was confirmed for Brian Borden, who is charged with the September 2011 murder of Robert Macford Bush.

Clarifying the boundaries of free speech

The new year rang in welcome news across the Atlantic, as new defamation laws took effect in England and Wales.

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