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Rapes of ex nets man 14 years

Phillip Turner Rose was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment after Chief Justice Anthony Smellie found him guilty on four counts of raping his ex-girlfriend, one count of abduction, two of assault and one of harassing her via telecommunications services.

Ganja user denied student visa to US

Conviction for consuming ganja resulted in loss of a student visa for a young man who had been studying in the US.

Caribbean independence, in different forms

The theme of independence was a common thread linking keynote presentations at the recent 50-50 Conference hosted by University College of the Cayman Islands last week.

Payments missing in government grabs of private property

More than five years after the Cayman Islands Government exercised its powers of compulsory acquisition of private property in order to build the East-West Arterial Highway, about 40 per cent of compensation claims have yet to be settled.

UCCI to host symposium on Caribbean

Next week, dozens of speakers will converge on the University College of the Cayman Islands campus to discuss the past and future of the Caribbean.

Port minutes’ release delayed again

Controversial discussions on the George Town cruise ship berthing facility are kept under wraps a while longer.

Chief Justice appointed to global judicial forum

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie has been appointed to serve on Judicial Steering Committee of INSOL International.

Bank’s teller gets 12 months

Takeisha McLean was sentenced to 12 months in jail after Chief Justice Anthony Smellie said dishonesty by a person in a position of trust requires immediate imprisonment.

Devon Anglin guilty of 2009 murder

Deveo Anglin, 26, was sentenced to imprisonment for life after being found guilty of the murder of Carlo Webster at the Next Level Night Club in 2009.

Anglin guilt, gets life

Devon Anglin was found guilty on Friday evening of murdering Carlo Webster at the Next Level Night Club in September 2009.

Attorneys adopt code of conduct

Attorneys in Cayman are voluntarily adopting a code of conduct while they wait for passage of a Legal Practitioners Bill that will include one.LI

Legal aid clinic coming to Cayman

A clinic is being set up to assist persons who qualify for legal aid and to provide law students.

Grand Court opens with ceremony

At the ceremonial opening of Grand Court on Wednesday, Chief Justice Anthony Smellie thanked police for the guard of honour, which he said symbolised their support for the administration of justice.

More courtrooms urgently needed

The Bill of Rights, which comes into effect in November, includes the right to trial within a reasonable time, but lack of sufficient court rooms could be a problem.

Year in review Most murder trials were judge alone

There were seven murder trials during 2011, with defendants in six of them choosing to be tried by judge alone.

Anglin awaits verdict in murder trial

Having elected trial by judge alone for the murder of Carlo Webster at Next Level Night Club, Devon Anglin now awaits the verdict of Chief Justice Anthony Smellie.

Witnesses remain anonymous in murder trial of Devon Anglin

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie rejected an application by Devon Anglin's attorneys to lift an order for two Crown witnesses to remain anonymous.

Nightclub CCTV doesn’t show shooting

Forensic video analyst Grant Fredericks explined the techniques bywhich he said he was able to track Devon Anglin during the almost three hours he was at the Next Level Night Club the night Carlo Webster was fatally shot.

Court visits scene of nightclub shooting

The trial of Devon Anglin for the 2009 murder of Carlo Webster began on Thursdfay with an anonymous witness and a trip to the former Next Level Night Club.

Anonymous witness gives evidence in murder trial

Trial began on Thursday for Devon Anglin, who is accused of murdering Carlo Webster at the Next Level Night Club on 10 September 2009.

Ruling: Not all judicial records exempt

Not all judicial administration records are exempt from Cayman's open records law.

Bench, bar salute magistrate

Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale was lauded for her innovative work in the Cayman Islands.

Cocaine conviction confirmed

A man who said he used cocaine occasionally lost his appeal against conviction for possession with intent to supply.

Trust in judicial system

Chief justice defends the judicial system in the Cayman Islands.

Estella’s killer appeals

An attorney plans to appeal Larry Ricketts’ conviction for the October 2008 murder of Estella Scott Roberts

Regional judges study technology

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie was among regional heads of judiciary who met to discuss tenchology in the courts.

Attorneys general declare crime an ‘unrivalled concern’

Cayman's crime woes are being mirrored across the Caribbean and in the UK.

Justice Richard Williams settles in

Justice Richard Williams took his oath of office this week, filling the Grand Court vacancy left by the removal of Justice Priya Levers.

Court of Appeal judge retires

Justice Ian Forte was honoured on Friday at a special sitting and reception to mark his retirement from the Cayaman Islands Court of Appeal.

CJ’s insolvency paper on Web

A paper delivered by Chief Justice Anthony Smellie at a Singapore conference on insolvency can now be read on the judicial website.

Grand Court judge named

Justice Richard Williams of the Turks and Caicos Supreme Court will join the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on 12 September.

How judges pass sentence

The courts have many factors to consider in passing sentence.

Ganja heads list of charges heard in Summary Court

The Summary Courts deal with a wide range of alleged offences and have a number of dispositions available.

UK judge ‘bewildered’ by Operation Tempura

A visiting UK judge finds himself bewildered by the inner workings of the Operation Tempura corruption investigation.

Ex-Gov dropped from Kernohan lawsuit

Former Governor Stuart Jack escapes a lawsuit, but the former head of the Operation Tempura investigation isn't so lucky.

UK judge ‘bewildered’ by Operation Tempura

A number of decisions made over the course of the ill-fated Operation Tempura corruption investigation were questioned by visiting United Kingdom Justice Sir Alan Moses during an open court hearing last week. 

Cayman seeks new judges

Cayman is looking for a few good judges.

Attorney admitted to practice

Derek Norwood Jones was admitted to practice as an attorney-at-law in the Cayman Islands by Chief Justice Anthony Smellie QC on the application of law firm Higgs & Johnson.

Alberga called ‘Father of the Bar’


Ramon Alberga QC was honoured last week with a portrait for display in the Law Courts Building to mark the 60th anniversary of his call to the bar.

Why Grand Court has six-plus judges


Cayman courts need judges.

Court opening tackles crime

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie and other speakers at the opening of Grand Court on Wednesday recommended ways to address concerns about crime.

Press: Op. Tempura complaint blasts judges

Details of a complaint filed last year by the former leading members of a corruption and misconduct investigation in Cayman have now surfaced in the British press. 

Magistrate serves temporary term

Former Clerk of Court Valdis Foldats has been appointed Magistrate until the end of March.

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