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Court staff bids colleagues farewell

Three members of staff have left their service in the courts.

2013 Cayman news roundup

As 2014 draws to a close, the Compass reviews some of the key events and news stories of the Cayman Islands over the past 12 months.

Father’s indecent assault sentence argued

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie has reserved judgment after hearing the Crown's appeal against the sentence of a man who indecently assaulted his daughter.

Cayman has four new Queen’s Counsels

In a special sitting of the Grand Court, four attorneys were admitted to the inner bar as Queen's Counsels.

Code of conduct created for JPs

New rules for Cayman Islands justices of the peace after an unlawful arrest fiasco.

Courts hold moment of silence for Neville Levy

Two court sessions on Friday began with a momnet of silence acknowledging the death of Attorney Neville Levy.

Court orders Tempura records kept secret

The winding trail of the Operation Tempura investigation may circle back on its former chief investigator.

Court rejects challenge to Rivers’s eligibility

The Court of Appeal late Friday denied a petition to overturn the Grand Court’s August vindication of government Minister and West Bay MLA Tara Rivers, ending long-standing uncertainty about her election six months ago.

Three new justices for Court of Appeal

Three new jurors are appointed to the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal.

Governor claims victory in court

The Office of the Governor on Wednesday claimed victory in its Grand Court appeal last week as Lord Justice Alan Moses “quashed” an Information Commission order demanding release hundreds of pages of sensitive documents.

Court orders Dilbert to reconsider decision

The Office of Information Commissioner Jennifer Dilbert on Tuesday released more details about last week’s court decision regarding the Governor’s appeal of an order to release hundreds of pages of sensitive documents.

Judge forbids comment on FOI court decision

In a bizarre late-Friday end to last week’s two-day Freedom of Information judicial review in the Grand Court, Lord Justice Moses delivered his verdict in chambers, then forbade either side to discuss it.

High-stakes court hearing over Tempura records

A court hearing seeks to determine whether some potentially damaging claims against high profile Cayman Islands officials should be publicly released.

Financial services court registrar appointed

Tomica Daley has been appointed registrar of the court's Financial Services Division.

Suspected killer’s lawyer: Bail Law unconstitutional

Brian Borden's lawyer said a section of the Bail Law wrongfully restricts human rights.

Cabinet to regulate JPs

Cabinet may soon make the rules for how Justices of the Peace are appointed.

Mistrial called after CCTV viewing

Magistrate Kirsty-Ann Gunn declared a mistrial after viewing footage from a CCTV camera outside her courtroom.

Editorial for September 2: Peering into Cayman’s ‘national mirror’

We revisit on this page, with reluctance, the issues of crime, disorder, and growing incivility in these islands and a (perhaps generational) disregard for the law and disrespect for authority.

Rivers case faces legal, cost hurdles

A special sitting of the Court of Appeal may be necessary to hear a petition seeking to overturn the Grand Court's early-August vindication of the election of West Bay MLA Tara Rivers.

Editorial on August 26: On appealing the Rivers ruling

Like many others, we at the Compass were somewhat surprised at Chief Justice Anthony Smellie’s judgment regarding Tara Rivers’s eligibility to stand for office in the district of West Bay. Frankly, the “office pool” was betting that Justice Smellie would rule differently and, ultimately, order a by-election in the district.

Judge’s retirement case has cost $360,000

A Cayman Islands Grand Court judge at the centre of a costly constitutional battle over the independence of the local judiciary will almost certainly remain on the bench until he reaches full retirement age, 70, next year.

Lawyers ask Court of Appeal to overturn Tara Rivers decision

Lawyers for John Gordon Hewitt on Friday asked the Court of Appeal to overturn Chief Justice Anthony Smellie’s 9 August decision vacating election challenges to West Bay MLA and Cabinet Minister Tara Rivers.

Chief justice defends legitimacy of offshore trusts

The chief justice emphasised the commitment of Cayman courts to safeguarding legitimate trust interests.

Anger building 
on election irregularities

Resentment at elections officials and the Attorney General continues to build among former candidates in Cayman’s springtime elections, frustrated by arbitrary opinions that disqualified some and forced others to renounce rightful citizenship.

Disqualified candidate vows action in wake of Grand Court decision

Disqualifed for 22 May national polls by the Attorney General, disappointed Bodden Town candidate Richard Christian is vowing legal action after Friday's Grand Court decision allowing electoral competitotrs to hold foreign passports.

Court: Rivers may keep seat

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie on Friday absolved West Bay MLA and Minister for Education Tara Rivers of challenges to her eligibility for elected office, declaring her resident in two places and approving her US passport.

Editorial for 9 August: Chief justice’s ruling: Critical to Cayman

The upcoming ruling in the Tara Rivers election challenge is a landmark legal decision for Cayman.

Candidates, officials look to by-election

This afternoon’s decision by Chief Justice Anthony Smellie regarding the eligibility of West Bay MLA and Cabinet minister Tara Rivers to serve elected government may trigger a district by-election in as little as six weeks.

Chief Justice: Tara Rivers is qualified for office

Education and Employment Minister Tara Rivers was judged qualified to stand for elected office, according to a ruling handed down by Cayman’s chief justice Friday afternoon.

Rivers decision due on Friday

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie announced Monday afternoon that he would deliver his judgement in the Tara Rivers election case on Friday.

Rivers election case decided this week

The final judgment in the election challenge involving Minister Tara Rivers is due out Friday.

Child rapist’s sentence affirmed

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal found it impossible to say that 16 years was an excessive sentence for rape of a child.

Judicial administration hosts anti-money laundering lecture

The judicial administration is presenting a lecture by William Gilmore, Emeritus Professor of International Criminal Law in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland under the title “The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the International Community:

Rivers court closes, verdict pending

Attorneys offered final arguments in the Grand Court on Friday afternoon, addressing Chief Justce Anthony Smellie regarding the qualifications of Tara Rivers both to contest elections and serve as MLA and Minister.

Courthouse runs over capacity

Three Summary Courts, three Grand Courts and the Court of Appeal were all in session on Wednesday, occupying every availalble courtroom plus the Town Hall.

Minister had UK work permit

The Cayman Islands Grand Court heard prolonged cross-examination of Education Minister Tara Rivers, questioning her claims to be a local resident and overseas student.

Rivers case closes, verdict to come

The political fate of Minister Tara Rivers is now in the hands of Cayman's chief justice. 

‘Cayman Islands, My home’

The court hearing into the Tara Rivers election petition case began Wednesday morning.

Chief justice to hear election petition

Cayman's top judge will sort out the Tara Rivers election challenge.

Law librarians needed desperately

Over 30 regional librarians came to Cayman for the annual general meeting of the Caribbean Association of Law Libraries held 7-10 July.

Court staff earns accolades

Behind-the-scenes court workers get accolades.

Flights suspended from downtown Heliport

Helicopter trips for tourists from central George Town have been temporarily suspended after a judge highlighted safety concerns with the down town operation.

Farewell, Madam Speaker

The Cayman Islands bids farewell to Madam Speaker Edna Moyle.

UK Met: AG, ex-Gov should be investigated

The question: 'Who will investigate the investigators?' takes centre stage in the ongoing Operation Tempura saga.

Former top cop tells all about ‘Tempura’

More details now coming out about the real dispute over the Operation Tempura corruption investigation.

Woman acquitted of arson charge

Lita Mae Chollette Davis, who admitted throwing a propane cylinder into an apartment, was found not guilty of arson after a jury trial.

No Juveniles Law challenges expected

Court administrators aren't expecting any major legal challenges after problems arise with Cayman's juvenile court laws.

Court space, lawyers law top concerns

Main concerns discussed at the opening of Grand Court on Wednesday were the lack of court space and the pending Legal Practitioners Bill.

Top stories for 2012 Judge-alone murder verdicts upheld

Court cases of particular interest in 2012 ranged from a Privy Council decision to a government minister's DUI plea in Summary Court.

Top Stories of 2012: SafeHaven saga continues on

SafeHaven saga will spill over into the new year

January Pedro Castle drowning

The main stories from Janaury 2012

Anglin loses murder appeal

Devon Anglin had his appeal dismissed and conviction confirmed for the murder of Carlo Webster in the 2009 night club shooting.

Convicted killer loses appeal

Devon Anglin has the appeal of his murder conviction dismissed.

Business in brief

Business in brief.

Chief justice case dismissed at Privy Council

A case involving constitutional questions for Cayman's judiciary must be decided first in the local courts.

Editorial for 16 November: Nebulous court rules

The Caymanian Compass always tries to play by the rules, but it's sometime hard to do when we don't know what the exact rules are and they don't apply to others in the media.

Privy Council to decide chief justice v governor

A high stakes court fight in the UK pits Cayman's chief justice against its governor.

Boat captains secure injunction until trial

The Chief Justice will return his decision tomorrow regarding a piece of land in Safe Haven and the rights of several boat operators to continue using the area.

Sea captains gain court victory

Cayman Islands Chief Justice Anthony Smellie ruled to protect several boat captains’ rights to continue using a piece of land in SafeHaven for their boats and businesses.

Memo raises police evidence contamination concerns

Is police gunshot residue evidence reliable? An August memo from the police raises some serious legal questions.

Offshore trusts will remain important estate planning tool

The trust concept will remain an important tool in the offshore world despite existing criticisms, according to the Chief Justice of the Cayman Islands Anthony Smellie.

Traffic Court moves to GT Town Hall

The George Town Town Hall is scheduled to be in use again as a court room starting Monday, 8 October.

Business in brief

Business in brief.

Sentence reduced in disc jockey Jazzy B’s death

Paul Ricardo Gordon, who admitted fatally stabbing well-known DJ Jazzy B in 2009, had his sentence reduced last week from 11 years to eight.

Twenty years for attempted murder

Devon Anglin was sentenced on Friday to 20 years for attempted murder, to be served concurrently with a life sentence for murder.

Privy Council won’t hear appeal in Estella’s murder

The Privy Council will not hear an appeal by the men convicted of murdering Estella Scott Roberts in 2008.

Lawyers present trust dispute book

Local lawyers Morven Mc Millan, Sara Collins and Carlos de Serpa Pimentel presented a copy of a reference book “International Trust Disputes” to Chief Justice Anthony Smellie for donation to the Law Courts’ Library.

Celebrate the Constitution!

A rundown of how the Cayman Islands got and has updated its constitution.

Court grants $2.5B interim award in Saad case

The Cayman Islands Grand Court issued a ruling Friday in favor of Ahmad Hamad Algosaibi & Brothers (AHAB) requiring Maan Al Sanea to pay AHAB $2.5 billion dollars.

Clifford to open own law office

After serving as a police officer and Cabinet Minister, Charles Clifford completed his articles and was called to the bar as an attorney-at-law.

Changing of the guard at the court house

Kevin McCormac succeeds Delene Cacho as Court Administrator.

Court rooms lacking available space again

Chief Magistrate Nova Hall had nowhere to preside on Monday morning because all six court rooms were in use.

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