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Government: Civic centre is ‘short-term solution’ for migrant housing

Nearly seven weeks after opening the East End Civic Centre for migrant detentions, government has provided details about its housing plan for the Gun Bay facility.

Cuban hunger strike ends

After more than three weeks, a hunger strike at the Immigration Detention Centre has come to an end, according to government.

Another Cuban migrant challenges asylum denial by Appeals Tribunal

A Cuban migrant is challenging the Immigration Appeals Tribunal’s decision last month to deny him asylum, arguing that he did not receive a fair hearing of his application.

Second Cuban hunger striker sent to hospital

As a hunger strike at George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre completed its second week, a second asylum applicant was sent to the hospital.

Cuban on hunger strike sent to hospital

Three Cubans detained in George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre continued to refuse food Monday, bringing their hunger struck into its seventh day.

Government responds to Cuban migrant protest

Government released a statement on Wednesday night in response to a hunger strike launched Tuesday by eight Cuban migrants at the Immigration Detention Centre.

Cuban migrants protest treatment

A group of Cuban migrants who arrived here in September are protesting what they say are human rights violations by government.
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Cuban migrant vessel lands in Cayman Brac

Nine Cubans who landed in Cayman Brac on Saturday have chosen to stay in the Cayman Islands and will likely apply for asylum.

Another Cuban migrant released from detention center

Government has confirmed that one more Cuban migrant was released from the Immigration Detention Centre on Friday, bringing the total number of migrants on supervised release to six.

Cuban detainee granted asylum after nearly 2 years

A Cuban man detained in George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre for nearly two years has been granted asylum and released to temporary government housing in Grand Cayman.

Cuban migrant granted asylum after year-long detention

A Cuban migrant detained in the Cayman Islands since December 2016 was granted asylum Wednesday by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, concluding a year-long legal battle in Cayman’s legal system.

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