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‘Love Wins’ fundraiser well supported

Chantelle Day and her partner, Vickie Bodden Bush, hosted a fundraising event at Icoa on Thursday night, in order to help cover the costs...

Local IT company organises laptop donations to students

Over 300 students at government primary schools are now finding online learning and schoolwork much easier, thanks to a large donation of HP Chromebooks. The...

Davenport Development makes community donations

Property-development firm Davenport has made several donations worth more than $61,000 to support those most in need as the community grapples with the COVID-19 crisis.

Casas in the sky: First ‘air parcels’ approved in Cayman Islands

Owning a little piece of the rock has long been part of the Caymanian dream. Now, for the first time, homeowners can buy a slice of the sky.

No more smoke at shredded tire fire

Sprinkler system being installed to help prevent future fires

Fire chief gives update on smoldering tire-fill site

Though the smoldering tire-derived aggregate fire in the South Sound area is largely extinguished, there were still four “hot spots” at the site that were dug out and cooled Monday morning, according to Chief Fire Officer David Hails.

Reduced duty rate helping fuel development

Developers in Cayman are getting an early Christmas present. Government announced on Dec. 1 that it is extending its reduced duty rate on imported building materials for another year.

Development projects held up by customs ‘glitches’

Paul Pearson and his company Davenport Development have built and sold more than two dozen apartments at an unfinished South Sound condominium complex, but as of Wednesday, they could not get hold of the windows required to complete the outside of the building.

143 sign up for bone marrow registry

Two bone marrow donor registry drives over the past month resulted in 143 people from Davenport Development and Decco Ltd. joining the Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry’s donor list.

Actress Zoe Saldana promotes bone marrow donations

Movie actress Zoe Saldana, who is in Cayman for this weekend’s CayFilm festival, visited staff and contractors at a South Sound construction site on Tuesday to promote bone marrow donation registration.

South Sound, Seven Mile Beach property ‘on fire,’ inland still lags

The consensus appears unanimous: Real estate brokers say things are great, and anyone checking out the market must agree that they are.

Casuarina trees removed around South Sound dock

People who questioned the removal of casuarina trees in South Sound last week got their answer from Ken Thompson, one of the owners of Davenport Development.

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